Bands of Love

God’s Love.
Where do we see it? Maybe it would be easier to point out where we believe it to be lacking. Isn’t this the biggest strike that believers attribute to God, if there is a God then why…(insert everyone’s different grievances)?

However, Romans 5:8 tells us:

But God commends His own love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.

While we were sinners, dead in sin, lost in sin, spiritually dead and unresponsive, God loved us. In Hosea the prophets states on His behalf, “When Israel was a child, I loved him,/ And out of Egypt I called my son.”

And how does He love us? With bands of love, that is with cords of a man. It is in His humanity that Christ came to bring us God’s love. In John 4 we see Him reach, in His beautiful humanity, this sinful, immoral, despised woman. He says to her, woman I am He. I don’t know about you, but when I picture this situation and hear him say these words to her…I don’t know, think about it, here is this woman, probably despised and reproached by all the other women. Gossiped about in the town, looked down upon by those of repute, dismissed by hypocritical men, so much that she was willing to bear the heat of the noon day sun so that she didn’t have to be with the crowds that would go to the well in the cool of evening. And here she meets this Jewish man who is kind to her, who doesn’t see her as a leper and pariah, who is willing to receive something from her with gratitude. And then to find out He is the prophet and man of God whose reputation has been spreading around all the villages and towns, and even more to realize He is even more than all the wonderful things that have been said about Him. That love, reached out to her in cords of a man, were bands that wound around her and bound her to Him. She couldn’t but respond with appreciation and the sincerest love.

It is in the same way and yet so particular to each one of our cases that He comes to us today. Yes, right now He is our great High Priest who, not untouched by the feeling of our weakness, intercedes for us.

He intercedes for us, He reaches us in His humanity, and He gently causes us to eat.

Pharoah had put a strong yoke on Israel, but God took off that yoke and gently caused them to eat by bringing them into the wilderness, where God fed them with manna in a gentle way morning by morning.

The goal of this process is that we would eat. Morning by morning we would take of the manna. As this manna becomes our inward portion and supply it becomes the hidden manna mentioned in Rev. 2:17. This manna is the portion of the overcomers.

Do not think that it is impossible for you to be an overcomer. You can become an overcomer by enjoying Christ as manna. Eat the open manna, and Christ will become the hidden manna. This hidden manna will constitute you into an overcomer.

So where does it all start? Just let Him draw you with cords of a man, with bands of love.