The Oil, The Spirit (2)

In the last post I gave you a recipe. Well, now I want to tell you that you don’t have to worry about making it, IT’S FINISHED!!! Christ has been glorified and the Spirit that before John 20 was “not yet” now IS!!!

That’s right, the processed, compound, all-inclusive, life-giving, indwelling, seven-fold intensified, consummated Spirit is the Lord and is ready for us to enjoy and experience.

We can experience all the marvelous aspects of the Spirit. We can experience Him as the Spirit of God (Gen 1:2). The Spirit that can bring forth life no matter what kind of death is in us or in our situation. We can experience Him as the Spirit of Jehovah (Gen 2:4-5). He is Jehovah, the Great I Am. Through this Spirit we can have a personal and intimate relationship with God and know Him as the One who is everything we need. We can experience Him as the Holy Spirit (Luke 1:15). The Holy Spirit separates us both positionally and dispositionally to make us a holy people, a holy nation, saints. We can experience Him as the Spirit of Reality (Jn 14:17). He makes all the riches of God real to us. We can experience Him as the Spirit of Jesus (Acts 16:7). This Spirit has all the human elements of Jesus’ life. He understands our weaknesses and sufferings. With the Spirit of this man, Jesus, is the abundant strength to endure any situation, circumstance, and suffering. Because of this Spirit we can live a normal and proper human life. We can experience the Spirit of Christ (Rom 8:9-11). The Spirit of Christ has the cinnamon, calamus, and cassia. The sweetness, preciousness, effectiveness, and power of the death and resurrection of Christ. If you want to throw in the myrrh, then we can experience the Spirit of Jesus Christ (Phil 1:19) the compound, all-inclusive, life-giving Spirit of the Triune God.

How marvelous all these aspects, and guess what? There are still more! Much more. Here are some others:

We can experience the Spirit of Life (Rom 8:2). This Spirit imparts all the riches of the divine life into every part of our being. Not only does it bring forth life in us, but this life transforms us metabolically so that we become a people of life, for life, in life, who can share this life with others! We can experience the Lord Spirit (2Cor 3:18). Today, the Lord is the Spirit! This is an amazing revelation. The Spirit is not something superficial or superstitious. The Spirit is not something merely sent “by” the Lord. It is not an ethereal “force.” It is not some paranormal activity. No, the Spirit is the Lord Himself in transfigured form. Jesus Christ the Lord is now the Spirit!

I need some time to digest that. But not too long, because there is more:

We can experience the Spirit as the Spirit of grace (Heb 10:29). Grace is not a little box of goodies for our human needs. Grace is God Himself becoming our enjoyment. God is enjoyable. God is enjoyable. That’s not a typo, that’s a revelation. GOD IS ENJOYABLE. If you are not enjoying God, then you need to pray that the Spirit would become the Spirit of grace in your experience. We can experience the Spirit as the seven Spirits of God (Rev 1:4). The seven-fold intensified Spirit is for the degradation of the Church. Do you feel dead and empty? Do you feel lukewarm? Are you attracted by the things (even good things) of this world? Are you practically contributing to the clergy-laity system? Oh Lord! We are in desperate need of the intensified function of the Spirit to trim the wicks and dress the lamps and for the seven eyes of the lamb to transfuse all God is into our being that we would be part of the brightly burning lampstands. Finally, we can experience the Spirit as the Spirit of Glory (1Pet 4:13-14). The Spirit of Glory rests upon, that is clothes, the suffering believers in their persecution.

Today, all of these aspects (and probably more) have been compounded into “The Spirit.” The Spirit that in John 7:39 was “not yet” now is! He is the totality, the aggregate of all the elements of the titles of the Spirit of God in the Bible. This Spirit is the unique and greatest blessing which God promised to Abraham and now has been not only revealed but given to us. Hallelujah for God’s promise of “The Spirit” which is nothing less than God Himself.



In the matter of the Altar of Burnt Offering (the bronze altar), what was so significant was this precious matter of the death of Christ. On the cross, the Lord’s blood was shed for our redemption. However, it was not just blood which flowed forth from the Lord. John 19:34 reads: “But one of the soldiers pieced His side with a spear, and immediately there came out blood and water.” Water also flowed from the pierced side of the Lord Jesus on the cross. In the tabernacle the next item also matches this experience for after the altar of burnt offering comes the laver of bronze.

This laver was formed from the bronze mirrors of the women who served at the entrance of the tent of meeting. This means that when we come to the Crucified Lord, we are exposed and we can truly see who and what we are. Like the hymn says, “I am a sinner that touchest You.” However, the bronze laver does not simply expose our fallen condition and defiled being, the laver is also filled with water. Hallelujah for the water! Water. I have never appreciated this clear, refreshing liquid as much as I have after seeing this. The water in the laver signifies Christ as the life-giving Spirit. Our hope is in tasting and experiencing this One in a constant way.

The water in the laver (that is the life-giving Spirit) is available for us to drink. Our drinking is actually our being washed and cleansed from all the earthly things that defile us. The serving priests HAD to FIRST come to the laver to wash before they could enter into the tabernacle and experience any of the furnishings. In our service to God, we must first experience and enjoy the washing of the life-giving Spirit.

This continual washing is the Lord loving us to the uttermost. Love is the source and motivator for our being washed. In Ephesians it says that Christ so loved the church that He gave Himself up for that He might sanctify her by washing her in the water of the word. We are so loved. He loves us to the uttermost. To respond to His love, we need to open up to drink the Spirit. We need to drink the Spirit when we come to the word in a prayerful, exercised way. This drinking is not something that we may graduate from. In fact, this process is one we must remain in for the rest of our lives. We need to be the “ing” people. That is, we need to be those experiencing, opening, calling, receiving, shouting, reveling in the washing of the refreshing, life-giving water in the word of God. As we drink and are washed and renewed, the bride of Christ is beautified and thus prepared to meet her Bridegroom.

Now Christ is the life-giving laver

Now Christ is the washing One too.

He’s now sanctifying, renewing,

To beautify both me and you!

//Oh Lord, Amen, Oh Lord, Amen, Hallelujah!//

Keep the Feast!

And afterward Moses and Aaron came and said to Pharaoh, Thus says Jehovah the God of Israel, Let My people go that they may hold a feast to Me in the wilderness. Exo. 5:1

Feasting with God was essential to the children of Israel’s relationship to God. In the Old Testament, we see that they were required to participate in seven feasts. This message covered three important feasts: The Feast of Unleavened Bread (a continuation of the Passover), the Feast of Weeks, or Pentecost, and the Feast of Ingathering or the Feast of Tabernacles. These three feast are crucial for us to understand and enjoy in their entirety for the length of our Christian life.

Following the Passover, the children of Israel were required to keep the Feast of Unleavened Bread for seven days. During this time all leaven that was seen was to be purged our of their homes. In our Christian experience this means that we must deal with all manifested sin. There is sin that we may not be conscious of, there may be things in us that are wrong, offensive toward God, and until the Lord touches it, we don’t have to worry too much about it, especially not get introspective and go searching for sins and trespasses in our being and in our past. However, the very second that we are made conscious of it through the sweeping and enlightening Spirit we need to deal with it. If we tolerate sin, this will hinder our enjoyment. The fact that it was for a period of seven days signifies that this is a life-long matter, the entire period of our Christian life. Saints, there is only one way to eliminate sin, it is to daily eat Christ as the crucified, resurrected, and sinless life.

Eat! Eat more of Jesus!

The Feast of Weeks, also known as the Feast of Pentecost was the enjoyment of the first fruits of the harvest. This typifies the resurrected Christ as the first fruits for God’s satisfaction. After the Lord resurrected and appeared to Mary Magdalene, she attempted to touch Him. His response was for her not to touch Him because He was first ascending to the Father God. Later that evening when appeared to His disciples He allowed them to touch Him. This shows that between His appearance to Mary and His appearance to His disciples the Lord ascended to the Father. This secret ascension was the bringing of the first fruits to God for His enjoyment. Days later, when the 120 were gathered in the upper room in prayer, the first fruits were enjoyed by them as the pouring out of the Spirit. Today, we are praying for a new revival, this means that we should pray for another Pentecost. This is not a matter of miracles or otherworldly phenomena, but rather it is for a real and practical pouring out of the Spirit of power. For this, we must be those daily enjoying the Feast of Weeks.

Finally, the third feast was the Feast of Tabernacles.

The Feast of Tabernacles typifies, first the coming millennium as a dispensational, joyful blessing for God’s redeemed people, including the overcomers and the saved Israelites, to enjoy with God on the restored earth.

When we are in the New Jerusalem, we will have many eternal and joyful memories of how we experienced God and of how God lived with us; we lived in tents, and He lived in a tabernacle.

May we be those who “Keep the Feast!”

Five Covenants Between God and Man

God made five major covenants with man. The first is regarding the seed of the woman, given to fallen man in Genesis 3:15. The second, was between God and Noah of which the rainbow is a sign. The third was between God and Abraham. The fourth between God and David, and finally the last is the law as a covenant between God and Israel, His chosen people.

In the first covenant, God came to Adam just after the fall with a question: Where are you? This was the beginning of the glad tidings. Even though the Lord had told Adam, if you eat of the tree you shall surely die, the covenant, and gospel message given in Genesis 3 is that the seed of the woman would bruise the head of the serpent. After such a marvelous word, Adam called his counterpart’s name “Eve” which means living. Adam was the first believer! For he believed the gospel message preached to him by God Himself.

In the second covenant, was given to Noah. The rainbow is a marvelous sign that we see in various parts of the scripture. The rainbow signifies the faithful God who will keep His word to HIs chosen people. This rainbow is around God’s throne. It is made up of three primary colors: blue, red, and yellow. The blue (the sapphire), signifies God’s righteousness. The red (the fire), signifies God’s holiness and the yellow (the glowing electrum) signifies God’s glory. These three colors represent what Christ is to us in resurrection, He is our righteousness, sanctification, and redemption. As we enjoy Christ, we become the rainbow. In eternity, the New Jerusalem (who, if you recall, IS NOT A PHYSICAL CITY) has foundations who appearance is a rainbow. The covenant that God enacted with Noah was a promise that the Faithful God would transmit Himself into His chosen people to make them the holy city New Jerusalem as the counterpart of the Lamb.

Saints, we simply need to allow God to fill us with His presence of righteousness by giving Him the full opportunity to work in us as the fire of holiness for His splendor of glory through us.

The third covenant was given to Abraham. God promised Abraham that through his seed all the families of the earth would be blessed. Paul writes that the promise covenanted to Abraham is the Spirit. Thus, the seed of Abraham is the last Adam who became a life-giving Spirit. In this One are all the spiritual blessings and realities.

The fourth covenant was promised to David. The Lord Jesus Christ is both the Root and the Offspring of David. He is the sure mercies shown to David. Through Him as the resurrected seed of David we can enter into the reality of God’s New Testament Economy. Through this covenant, the Triune God is dispensed into His redeemed people. Try to wrap your mind around this:

The resurrected Christ as the life-giving Spirit is the transfigured descendent of David, the seed of David, the seed of the kingdom, dispensed into us to make us the sons of the kingdom, ringing in life to live in the reality of the kingdom so that we may be translated by Him and return with Him in the manifestation of the kingdom as the corporate smiting stone to annihilate the kingdoms of the world and become a great mountain, the kingdom of God that fills the whole earth.

Finally, the fifth covenant was the law decreed on the mountain of God in Exodus. The given was not meant to be a set of guidelines or commandments for man to keep. “Rather, [God’s] intention was to bring His people into His presence so that He could reveal Himself to them and impart Himself to them through His speaking to them.” Since the children of Israel were unable to apprehend God’s intention, He made enacted the covenant so that they would see that the requirements were too high and thus they would never be able to fulfill them. If we look closely we can see what a complete and utter failure they were in their attempts throughout the Old Testament to fulfill God’s commandments and ordinances. (cf. Paul’s experience in Romans which I believe matches our own.) Thus, the law becomes a child-conductor to Christ. If we walk according to our mingled spirit, the law is spontaneously and unconsciously fulfilled in us through the operation of the law of the Spirit of Life.

May these five covenants become our experience.

The Center of the Universe

At an indeterminate point in a relatively distant past in what we can call null space there was an infinitesimally minute, invisible, pregnant dot. In it was contained every particle that has ever been, is, and ever will be of the matter that today makes up our universe.

At a time referred to by scientists as T=0, this pregnant dot began to expand in all directions at a rate so mind-bogglingly fast that in a fraction of a fraction of a second it was hundreds of thousands of light years across and exponentially heading faster and faster toward infinity.

Today, we don’t know too much about the mysteries hidden within the crevices of outer space, but we do know that it continues to expand, continually, constantly and forever. Meaning what? That the universe has no end. It is not a lot of stars and planets and floating matter clothed in darkness “hanging” in some “closet” called space. You cannot, no matter how many googles of light years you travel, somehow make it to the end and “peak” through the curtains to see what’s in the great beyond.

So, now that you are thinking about the extreme and utter unendingness of the universe we so egocentrically call our own, let me push your mind just a little further. Do you realize that, though it may have no end, the universe does have a center and absolute focal point?

There is one thing which is the center, meaning, and reality of the universe.

Maybe you’d think that I, like the non-scientists of yesteryear would consider the earth as the holding center of the universe. Or maybe you’d consider me to be more anthropocentric; but, let me declare to you that man, himself, alone is but an empty vessel, his life devoid of meaning, his labor and work but a vanity of vanities and a chasing after wind.

What, then, is the center of the universe?

It is our human spirit.

Zechariah 12:1 states, “Thus declares Jehovah who stretches forth the heavens, lays the foundations of the earth and forms the spirit of man within him.”

Our human spirit is the meeting point between God and man. It is the point of contact. It is the way to not only touch and know God but also to receive and contain Him.

It is through man’s contacting and receiving God by the exercise of his human spirit that man, the clay vessel becomes a clay vessel containing a marvelous, precious, invaluable treasure. This gives man’s life meaning and what’s more this gives meaning to the entire, expansive universe.

Man was created to contain and express God, to express Him in all His divine attributes, particularly in His love, light, holiness, and righteousness but also in all those that derive from them among them: kindness, justice, tenderness, responsibility, sympathy, empathy, joy, magnanimity, forbearance, fineness, longsuffering…the list has the potential of being as long as the universe is big. This kind of man is the expression of God, the testimony of God to his fellow-man, to all of creation, to the principalities and powers in the spiritual realm, and to the entire universe. Such a man gives God the standing to declare to the far reaches of the universe His wisdom, sovereignty, and greatness.