God’s Military Draft

Have you ever heard the conundrum, “Can God create a rock so big that even He can’t move it?” Any way you consider it what it does is question God’s power. God is omnipotent. He has unrivaled and unlimited power. On this earth then, is God able to do whatever He wants to do? Oddly enough the answer is no. What? What is this? Why? Here’s the thing, God created creatures with a will. That’s right, you and I , we have an independent will. We can choose whatever we want to choose. God, because He is righteous and just, will not violate our free will. Our will then becomes God’s limitation. God’s will then can only be accomplished when God has a people who are one with Him. Today, God cannot do whatever He wants on this earth because WE ARE LIMITING HIM.

In the Old Testament, God moved through the tabernacle. In Exodus 30:1-10 there was the golden incense altar. As a previous message brought out those who pray at the incense altar are praying for God’s move on the earth. Immediately following verses 1-10 are 11-16 which show the result of that prayer for God’s move: The expiation silver that numbered the children of Israel and formed them into an army that fought for God’s interests on the earth. When we pray for God’s move at the golden incense altar we will realize that God is unwelcome everywhere on this earth. The only way that God can move is through fighting. Now, this fighting is NOT against flesh and blood. That is, this fighting is NOT a physical warfare but a spiritual warfare fought against the evil powers, principalities, and the authority of darkness in the air.

But to be drafted, conscripted into God’s army is not for just anyone. There are requirements. The requirements revealed in Exodus are these:

  1. Males. This is in typology, so it does not refer to only men, but those among God’s people who are strong in their spirit.
  2. 20 years of age. This means that they must have a certain degree of spiritual growth and be at least at a particular stage of maturity.
  3. Formed. This army is not made up of a special ops unit. It does not require individual Spiritual giants and “prayer warriors,” rather, this army has been formed of ones who are under authority, are experienced warriors, and have been coordinated for God’s move.

All of these requirements center around one crucial matter and this was the heart of burden of the message: growth. Our desperate and urgent need today is for a group of people to grow to maturity. Pray for God to grow in you. Pray for God to grow in your companions. Pray for God to grow in all the saints all over the world. Just begin to pray! The Lord then will sovereignly use persons, things, and events to empty us of everything that fills us. He will remove every preoccupation. This emptying out of everything else will then increase our capacity to be filled with Him. When we are transformed and filled with the divine life we will then reach spiritual maturity and be ready to be formed into an army that will fight the spiritual warfare so that God will no longer be limited and God’s will on the earth will be accomplished.



David and His Mighty Men

David and Christ are one. David’s kingdom fell in 606 BC with Nebuchadnezzar’s destruction of Jerusalem, but “Sing we the King who is coming to reign!” Christ will return to set up the restored tabernacle of David! Between Christ’s first and second comings, however, a commission has been given to the representative of Christ’s kingdom today. This representative is the Church. In the age of grace, the Church is the kingdom, it is the bridge that will bring us fully into the manifestation of the kingdom, the restored tabernacle of David in the millennium.

The church has failed. It has lost its commission.

So, the Lord is sending out a battle cry to those who would be the called, the chosen, the faithful. Those who would be the disciples of the greater, real David, to those who would be the mighty men of David. Those who would risk their lives to draw water from the well at Bethlehem, to satisfy David’s thirst. Those who would stand guard at the bedposts so that David might find rest.

Who would be such ones?

Revelation 3:7 shows us to whom this call is given:

And to the messenger of the church in Philadelphia write: These things says the Holy One, the true One, the One who has the key of David, the One who opens and no one will shut, and shuts and no one opens

It is to Philadelphia, the recovered church, to whom the key of David is revealed. The key of David is the key to the kingdom. It is the overcomers of the recovered church that the commission that should have belonged to the whole church lies, they now have the responsibility to spread forth the kingdom.

Saints, in the local churches we must restore, recover the reality of the kingdom of God. For this we need to know and experience Christ as the real David, the One who has the key of David. We need to be one with the King!

And then, how do we exercise this authority? How do we fulfill this responsibility?

We must fight the spiritual warfare through prayer. We must fight to open doors, to release prisoners. Fight to bring in the kingdom. And we must fight to close the gates of Hades and of Death.

Teach us to pray that we may cause The enemy to flee, That we his evil pow’r may bind, His prisoners to free. Teach us to pray and firmly stand Upon the battleground, To fight and break the stronghold down, The enemy confound. Teach us to pray and use Thy rod In strong, prevailing prayer, Beneath Thy blood to shake the earth And powers of the air. By prayer and faith, O may we learn To labor, Lord, with Thee, To know the victory is ours And Thine authority.


There cause Your mighty ones to descend, O Jehovah!

The mighty ones, the overcomers, realize there is a state of war in the universe. They understand the necessity of spiritual warfare. They realize that spiritual warfare is based on the victory of Christ. The mighty ones, the overcomers, are “empowered in the Lord and in the might of His strength.” They conquer the satanic chaos in the old creation and carry out the divine economy for the new creation. They are victorious over the attack of death. The mighty ones, the overcomers, are the victory of the overcoming Christ. They are “as beautiful…as Tirzah,/ As lovely as Jerusalem,/ As terrible as an army with banners.” And finally, the mighty ones, the overcomers, fight the battle in the Body. (a summary/ paraphrase of the roman numerals from message six outline)

After the previous messages, had you made up your mind to be not merely in human history but also in the divine history? Did you realize that meant you chose to be a “mighty one”? The above are only a few of their characteristics. Are you discouraged yet?

Trust me, there is no way I can adequately convey the heart and burden of this message, which out of the first six most deeply has spoken to and touched the core of my inner being, but I shall attempt to nonetheless. (It is my blog after all.)

I shall begin with the rewording of the question I left you with after message five.

how do you intend to live out the remainder of your allotted time on the earth?

Making the choice to be a mighty one, an overcomer, that is to not live a life merely in the human history altogether having our orientation set on human history but to cling to our divine, golden history does not mean purposing or promising to be all of these characteristics. But this choice, this decision is to allow the Lord, our older Brother who has already overcome to duplicate Himself in us. That’s right, I can’t do it, I can’t be it, I can’t take it, I can’t make it, but He did, He has, and if we allow Him, He will again!

Well, I think we make that decision, I made it years ago, but I must confess it seems every year I go further and further downhill, and then immediately we want to go into the heart of the battle. But we are too young in growth and too muddied in vision. And so we pray to be empowered in the Lord and the might of His strength, and instead we find ourselves weaker than ever before. There is no life of ease, but chaos upon chaos, and then finally broken, discouraged, distraught spiritually, soulishly, physically, we want to retreat. Have you felt this way? (I must confess, the arrow hit the bullseye.) Maybe, our brother uttered, the Lord is saying, “You prayed to be empowered, but did you ever think this is My way of answering your prayer?” Confer with Paul’s experience in 2 Cor. 12:10, 13:4.

So here we are, or I am at least, not looking back at a distressing past, not looking forward to an unattainable future, feeling weak, heartbroken, discouraged, the Lord seems too far away, uncaring, unseeing, and I am listening to this message about overcoming. Something strikes me from our brother’s words:

Stay in love with the Beloved for only lovers can be mighty.

Stay in love. Only lovers can be mighty.
For it is in Song of Songs that we see how these mighty ones are produced.

Our love affair with the Lord begins in the chaos of our life, in the depths of anguish and despair, in rebellion, and death. Even when we don’t think He is there anymore, when we feel He has forsaken us or when we’ve decided to forsake Him. After thousands of seemingly unanswered prayers, He opens up His being and wave after wave of love is poured out from His being. A mighty, all-conquering tidal wave of love. When this happens, what are you going to do?

Lord, Thou hast won, at length I yield; My heart by mighty grace compelled Surrenders all to Thee; Against Thy terrors long I strove, But who can stand against Thy love? Love conquers even me.

As we allow His love to conquer us, we return His love, we become His duplication and we, like the Shulamite in Song of Songs, become as beautiful as Tirzah, as lovely as Jerusalem. Eventually we are those who love the Lord above everything else, even our own soul life and this, this frail creature, so dependent on her Beloved, so one with His will, so completely given to His purpose and for His satisfaction is the mighty ones, the overcomers, the bridal army terrifying to the enemy, who will defeat Antichrist, and crush the great human image becoming a great, universal mountain and the New Jerusalem, God and man’s mutual rest and satisfaction for eternity.

Saints, may we “give ourselves to love the Lord, for no other way is so rich, so safe, and so full of enjoyment.”