Let THIS Mind be in You

But if the servant plainly says, I love my master, my wife, and my children; I will not go out free; Then his master shall bring him to God and shall bring him to the door or to the doorpost, and his master shall bore his ear through with an awl; and he shall serve him forever. Exodus 21:5-6

Romans 1:1~ Paul, a slave of Christ Jesus…

Philippians 1:1~ Paul and Timothy, slaves of Christ Jesus…

Colossians 1:7~…Epaphras, our beloved fellow slave…

Colossians 4:7~ …Tychicus, the beloved brother and faithful minister and fellow slave…

Titus 1:1~ Paul, a slave of God…

James 1:1~ James, a slave of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ…

2Peter 1:1~ Simon Peter, a slave and apostle of Jesus Christ…

Jude 1~ Jude, a slave of Jesus Christ…

Revelation 1:1~ The revelation of Jesus Christ which God gave to Him to show to His slaves…sending it by His angel to HIs slave John…

Revelation 15:3~ …They sing the song of Moses, the slave of God…

Revelation 22:3~ And there will no longer be a curse. And the throne of God and of the Lamb will be in it, and His slaves will serve Him.

If I were to write down all the instances of the use of the word “slave” just in the New Testament in reference to the believers this blog post would get to be just a little too long. But, just take a look at the above verses. The same mind dwelt in these saints as dwelt in the Lord Jesus Himself. Paul write to us that we should “let this mind be in us.” This mind is the mind of Christ as a slave of God. The mind that was willing to forego HIs magnificent, glorious form of God to take on the lowliest form, that of a slave. The mind that girded Himself and washed the feet of the disciples. The mind that was obedient unto the horrendous death of the cross. He did this because He has both the spirit, love, and obedience of a slave.

But, how do we let this mind be in us? How do we humble ourselves? How do we consider others more excellent than ourselves? How to we give ourselves to be sacrificed for others? First by letting Him serve us. Luke 12:37 states: Blessed are those slaves whom the master, when he comes, will find watching. Truly I tell you that he will gird himself and will have them recline at table, and he will come to them and serve them. This is the kingdom! To live the kingdom life, we must first allow the Lord to serve us with Himself as our portion so that in turn we would become those who “wash one another’s feet” that is through the water in the word and the ministry wash away all the hinderances to the fellowship.

One particular aspect of the Slave of God that I especially appreciated was the matter of the ear being bored through with an awl. This typifies that a slave’s ear is open to hearing his master’s speaking. Too often we hear only what appeals to us or hear things that were not said. However, what we need is to have an open hear that we would hear the Lord’s speaking to us without our subjectivity and preference interfering. I recall the story of Samuel in the Old Testament. When he was still only a boy, he heard God’s speaking in the night. He didn’t realize God was speaking to him at first. However, Eli realized it and told Samuel to respond: “Speak for your servant is listening.” May we also have this listening ear a slave. May we pray, “Lord, speak whatever you want to me. Lord do whatever is in your heart concerning me. Whatever it is, oh Lord, do that. Don’t let me have my preference. Don’t let me hinder Your speaking!”

If we would allow the Lord to make us His slaves, and reproduce His life in us, what a glorious wonderful church life we would have. In fact, God’s purpose would be carried out in us because for this what we need is to have the spirit, love, and obedience of a slave. Saints, just let this mind be in you.


From Eternity to Eternity

And His goings forth are from ancient times,/ from the days of eternity

In eternity past, before time began, before you were thought of, before man was created, before there was anything really, you were in the thought of God for even in the days of eternity He was preparing to come forth.

God’s goings forth are in five steps.

His creating all things was His preparation for His long journey, His journey into time, in man.
He came as a man in incarnation to sojourn among us, living a perfect and beautiful human life. His coming was as the Lamb of God. This Lamb was slain from the foundation of the world. It is as the Lamb delivered up according to the counsel of the Triune God that He takes away the sin of mankind judicially and brings us into the New Testament age of grace. He also came as the Spirit for the transformation of God’s redeemed into split able materials for God’s building, God’s house. He is also the ladder, seen first in Genesis 28:11-22, that joins earth to the heavens and the heavens to the earth and is set up as Beth El, God’s house.

Today He continues to “go forth.” He is spreading and going forth to every people, tribe, tongue, and nation. He began spreading from Jerusalem through Europe and to the far reaches of the earth, now in His recovery work He is marching backward toward its starting point and it’s consummation. However, it is easier for Him to move into many cities, to move into Jerusalem than it is for Him to move into the many compartments in our heart. Oh, Lord! “Amen, Lord.” Are sometimes the most difficult words to say!

May we be impressed, with the historical journey of the Triune God, and may we be open to allowing Hm to continue this journey in us to set up this ladder in our spirit so that we would be built into pillars in Gods heart through His making His home in every room of our heart.

The Golden Lampstands

A Hanukkah Menorah sits atop my bookshelf. Though a large number of Menorahs are made to resemble the Lampstand that stood within the Tabernacle it is not. What’s the Lampstand all about?

Well, In Exodus chapter 25 we see that the Golden Lampstand is a type of Christ as the embodied Triune God. This is the first stage of the revelation.

The second stage is found in Zechariah chapter 4; here we see that the Golden Lampstand, representing God’s testimony on the earth is the nation of Israel. In the millenial kingdom, once again, the restored nation of Israel will be the Golden Lampstand as the testimony of God.

But, it is in Revelation that we find the third and consummate stage of the significance of the Golden Lampstand. In chapter one we see that it is no longer one lampstand, but it has been duplicated and has become seven golden lampstands. These seven lampstands are the local churches as the shining testimony of God in the dark night of this age. These golden lampstands shine and through their shining bear the testimony of Jesus, for this they have three main characteristics:

  • Gold: They have the Father’s divine essence without any dross, that is there is nothing even good things like ethics, culture, education, and proper religion. There is nothing other than God Himself. 
  • Definite Form or Shape: They are lampstands, not just a lump of gold. God is invisible, unapproachable, vague, indeterminate, de-localized; In the Son, however, this God took on a human form. The church, as a duplication and as the testimony of the embodied Triune God, is not vague and ethereal but should stand having the form and shape of the human Son.
  • Seven lamps, shining: The seven lamps are the seven Spirits of God who in Zechariah roam to and fro over the whole earth. This is for the shining of the testimony of Jesus to the entire inhabited earth through the church as the embodiment of the Triune God.

As the great High Priest, Christ is walking in the midst of the golden lampstands, in the midst of the churches caring for them in love by the divine strength. He cares for the churches by “trimming the wicks” and adding more “oil.”

He trims the wicks by dealing with the churches, dealing with us, His believers and everything in us that is not according to God and not for God’s purpose. Oh Lord! What a mercy it is that the Lord will not let us go. Our entire person is so wrong. Not even just in our bad character traits, but even in the good things. Even the good things of our natural nature are laced with self, laced with so many things that are not good for God’s building, they do not shine forth God. So, He, in His tender, fine care for us deals with these things. At the same time, He adds the oil. The fresh oil is the Spirit applied to our being, to the churches that they would be filled so that they may shine!

Eventually, consummately, the city of New Jerusalem, is in nature (gold), shape (a giant mountain), and expression (wall of precious stones) a golden lampstand. It will be the testimony of Jesus for eternity.

(From message 220 of The Conclusion of the New Testament: “The status of the church; the Golden Lampstands (2)”. This message can be read here.)