God our God is still Sovereign and We Worship Him

There is a great war raging in the universe: both God and Satan seek man’s worship. I am afraid there is no neutrality, though it seems so many have just decided not to care or even to remain like Switzerland. So, it is time to settle the matter now: Worship God. In Deuteronomy the children of Israel were given the ordinance: You shall worship the Lord, your God and Him alone shall you serve. In this message our brother expounded seven points on how to worship God.

We need to worship God by knowing His Godhead confessing that He is God. 

Do you know God as God? Have you realized your nothingness before Him? Who are you, oh man that you answer to God? Has not the potter authority over the clay? I believe this is a difficult point to swallow, isn’t it? We who are so used to demanding fairness and equality. We who are so used to our “rights.” Can we bow our knee and acknowledge that He is God? To worship God is to truly recognize that He is God and that we are men.

We need to worship God according to the divine revelation. 

Have you ever read the story of Cain and Abel and wondered why God was so displeased with Cain when it appeared he simply wanted to worship Him? Consider these two passages in Exodus: 20:22-26 and 32:1-6. In the first, God demands that there be no gods of silver or gold, that the altar be of earth, without any hewn stones and without any steps. In the second, we have gold fashioned by an engraving tool into a calf and the people rising up to play. The first was God’s revelation to Moses regarding the way to worship God. Upon the crude earthen altar they were to sacrifice burnt offerings and peace offerings. The second was the way in which the children of Israel decided to worship in the name of Jehovah and they also sacrificed burnt offerings and peace offerings. Like Cain, the children of Israel had the desire to worship God. Neither brought offerings to pagan gods. They brought forth their offering to God and in the name of Jehovah. However, their way to worship was altogether  out of their natural religious concept and in their soul. Cain brought to God the fruit of his labor. The children of Israel used gold and came before God in a soulish way with music and dancing. Their joy was in their presentation of their offerings not in the pure enjoyment of the Spirit. God’s revelation of how He desires worshippers shows an earthen altar with stones that are not hewn. In the eyes of man, God’s way of worship is uncultured. God’s way allows for no human wisdom, creativity, or power. The true worship of God does not require anything of man’s “talents.” It does not show case great singers, musicians, or orators. The true worship of God has room only for the cross of Christ (the altar), Christ (offerings), and the Spirit mingled with our spirit. At God’s altar there are no steps meaning, there is no hierarchy. No one is better than anyone else. We are all just “little potatoes” enjoying and worshipping God together.

We need to worship God with Christ as the offerings.

In our worship of God we need to bring only Christ. No human wisdom or power. No achievement based on natural ability. Nothing of man’s work and labor. In the proper worship of God we have no other name other than that of Christ Himself. I want to tell you a little story. I was at a job interview at a Christian high school. When speaking of my past experiences, I mentioned being a part of a christian club during my undergrad years. They asked me the name of the club and I said, “Christians at UCSD.” They all laughed and said, “Wow that must have taken a lot of thought.” But that’s what we are isn’t it? And that’s all we are, we are simply believers. The churches in the New Testament had no name other than that of the Lord. The Church in Corinth, The Church in Ephesus, The Churches of Galatia. In Corinth, in Ephesus, of Galatia, those aren’t names, those are designations because that is where the church was. Corinth and Ephesus were cities and within each there was a church. Galatia was a province, and within the province there were multiple cities and thus multiple churches. In the worship of God we should have nothing else other than Christ. We should hold no other name other than that of the Lord Jesus. Yes, being simply called Christians, or being simply the Church isn’t very creative, but God doesn’t need or want our creativity in our worship, He desires true worshippers.

We need to worship God by beholding God and by eating and drinking Christ. Also, we need to worship God by experiencing Christ and feasting on Christ with God. 

God wants us to enjoy Him and to worship Him out of this enjoyment.

We need to worship God in Spirit and truthfulness and in the dispensing of God. 

The genuine worship of God the Father is in the spirit and in truthfulness; the divine reality, experienced and enjoyed by us and constituted into us, becomes the truthfulness in which we worship God with the worship that Hw seeks.

God desires true worshippers. The emphasis here is on the persons, it doesn’t say true worship, but true worshippers. In order to be these true worshippers we need to receive the God’s dispensing. As we enjoy the dispensing, we are constituted to be these true worshippers. True worshippers are those in their mingled spirit. The Father will not accept worship in the soul, it must be in our regenerated spirit mingled with the Spirit. Satan seeks man to worship him in their soul, but God will not accept this.

Oh Lord, have mercy on us that we would be these True Worshippers. This is the longing in God’s heart. May we all open to Him that He would have this type of worship from us.