Our Service to God

Close your eyes and picture a servant of God. What does this person look like? What does this person do? How does this person act? How does this person live? How does this person talk?

Regardless of our background or “religion” our mind comes up with a very similar picture so I won’t bother drawing one for you; however, what does the Bible have to say about serving God?

Multiple times in Exodus, Moses spoke to Pharaoh and related God’s words: “Let My people go that they may serve Me in the wilderness.” But what exactly did God want the children of Israel to do in the wilderness? Exodus 5:1, 17 state: “”Let My people go that they may hold a feast to Me in the wilderness…let us go and sacrifice to Jehovah.”

So what does it mean for us to serve God today? Are we supposed to back our bags and head out to Death Valley and have a party? Well, as we know, the Old Testament are types and shadows, pictures of a divine truth revealed in the New Testament. Let’s look at a story from the Gospels:

The Lord and His disciples were walking through Samaria. It was lunch time so the disciples went off to buy food for themselves and the Lord. The Lord then went to wait by a well. While He was waiting a woman came to draw water. He and she get into a religious discussion about the place where one is to worship God. Eventually the Lord reveals two things to her: One that true worshippers worship in spirit and that He is the One who gives living water that quenches man’s thirst. The woman, after this encounter runs off to tell those of her encounter with the Lord. The disciples then return with food and the Lord tells them that He has food that they know not of. The disciples, of course, are confused. Are you? Do you see the connection here? That woman, by drinking of the Lord as the living water (believing in Him) became a servant of God (held a feast for Him). So, going back to Exodus, the sole purpose of the children of Israel in the wilderness was for them to believe God, love God, experience God. Their being with God, and living with God was their service to God.

Today, God is still seeking these “True Worshippers.” He is still seeking servants. He doesn’t need us to “do” anything for Him. He simply wants us to spend time with Him. We need to “shut off” all the things that distract us and enter into a tranquil and transparent realm where we can meet with God. When we meet with Him, He gives us the experiences we need of Him so that He then has a way to shine out through our living. Our living, our very being becomes an expression of God and all that He is (love, light, holy, righteous).

This is to serve God. May the Lord have mercy on us that we could live a life of “feasting with God in the wilderness.”


The Highest Revelation

In Matthew 22:42 the Lord asked the question of questions: “…What do you think concerning the Christ? Whose son is He?…”

Though this question was directed at the questioning, argumentative Jewish scribes, it is a question that we must all answer. Who is the Christ? What is He to us? What relationship do you have to Him?

Well, if we take a look at Psalm 110 we find the highest revelation of this Christ, He is the King, He is the Priest, He is the Warrior, He is the Victor, and He is the Drinker.

However, what I took away from our brother’s sharing regarding this Psalm wasn’t so much how it is revealed, or even what it is, but it was the fact that these verses are and can be experiential to us.

As the King, God has made Christ to sit at His right hand. Psalm 110:1 declares, “Jehovah declares to my Lord,/ Sit at My right hand/ Until I make Your enemies/ Your footstool.”

In Ezekiel 1:22, 26 we see the living creatures and a great sapphire throne, between them an expanse like crystal. This shows us that when we exercise to have nothing between the Lord and us by exercising to keep an open fellowship with the Lord and with the saints, by keeping our conscience pure before God and men, then the Lord is enthroned in our being. It is from this throne that the flow of life proceeds. This flow of life is the abundance of grace. When we receive the abundance of grace we are restricted in our being. It is then that we can touch the fourfold power of the Lord: the resurrecting power, the ascending power, the subjecting power and the heading up power. It is through this power that Christ’s enemies are made a footstool for His feet.

In Ezekiel 47:1 we see the flow in the house of God. The flow involves two sides, the east, that of the rising of the sun indicating God’s glory, and the south side, or right side of the house where was the altar signifing the highest position in the universe, the place of preeminence. God has given Christ the highest position, He is the King! What He requires now, as made evident by the altar in Ezekiel 47 verse 3 of Psalm 110, is our consecration.

Saints, we need to cooperate with Christ’s heavenly ministry in the day of His warfare by presenting ourselves as freewill offerings to the Lord in the splendor of consecration and by being His young men who are to Him like the dew from the womb of the dawn.

We need to cooperate with Him by treasuring our time with the Lord. Our spirit, soul, and body belong to the Lord. He has bought us with a price. He loved us to such an extent that He gave Himself for us, and we are His, but what about our time? The statute regarding the burnt offering was that it was never meant to go out, it had to be kept burning morning by morning. So, do you treasure your time with the Lord? Do you set aside all other things and enter into your private room to allow the Lord the ground and room to work in you?

Oh Lord Jesus! I must confess that I still fall so very short of this! But I have been encouraged to come back to the Lord, to reconsecrate to the Lord, not to try to change something of what I am or what I am used to doing, not even to make a new year’s resolution to be a more consecrated, cooperative person with the Lord, but simply to come back and like John Nelson Darby tell the Lord, “Lord, I still love You.”

Saints, we need to be those coming back to the Lord again and again, early in the morning to contact the Lord and enter into the womb of the dawn. When we enter in, something is conceived within us, the refreshing watering dew for Christ’s satisfaction. We become this dew and Christ in His coming back becomes the Drinker!

What a precious revelation, what a most high revelation. Christ enthroned in our being as the King of Kings flows within us to cause us to consecrate our being fully to Him. When we consecrate ourselves to Him by coming back to Him morning by morning, the dew is conceived within us for Christ’s watering and satisfaction.

Oh Lord Jesus! Be enthroned in our being! Gives us the experience of the awesome crystal expanse with the sapphire throne above it. Be the faithful one in us that would flow us into the experience of consecration that we, Oh Lord, would be those who can satisfy Your thirst in the day of Your warfare.