Divine History NonFiction

“God’s move is to deify man. God’s only goal is to dispense Himself into man.”

In the Bible, we see the divine history as the kernel within the shell of human history. This history is the nonfictional autobiography of the Triune God. Because we are in an organic union with Him this history is our history, this autobiography is our biography!

These two histories can be compared to two figures, the first, the human history is the great human image in Daniel chapter two signified by the four kinds of locusts in Joel 1:4. The second Figure is Christ and His overcomers signified by the stone cut without hands and the great mountain filling the whole earth. In Revelation 19 the stone cut without hands is Christ and the mountain is the bride with the army.

The bride and the army. Saints, this is our history, this is our autobiography, we are the church, His bride, we are the warrior, His army. In Ephesians 5 we have the bride, in 6 we have the warrior. What do these two have in common both in Ephesians and in Revelation?

In Ephesians it is the word, to the bride the word is the beautifier, to the warrior the word is the slayer. In Revelation, the wedding garment of the bride, fine linen bright and clean is also the army’s battle attire. We know these garments are the righteousnesses of the saints, that is Christ lived out of us.

So, what does all this come down to?
Well, saints, we have all been born into the human history and reborn into the divine history. In the divine history, God’s only goal is to dispense Himself into us to make us His duplication and enlargement. And how, pray tell, does this all happen? Through the beautifying and slaying word of God.

Read the Word. Pray the Word. Eat the Word. Be deified.

I’ll leave you with one question and one exhortation:

Are you living in the divine history, or are you living merely in the human history?

Saints, don’t give up your golden history.