From Eternity to Eternity

And His goings forth are from ancient times,/ from the days of eternity

In eternity past, before time began, before you were thought of, before man was created, before there was anything really, you were in the thought of God for even in the days of eternity He was preparing to come forth.

God’s goings forth are in five steps.

His creating all things was His preparation for His long journey, His journey into time, in man.
He came as a man in incarnation to sojourn among us, living a perfect and beautiful human life. His coming was as the Lamb of God. This Lamb was slain from the foundation of the world. It is as the Lamb delivered up according to the counsel of the Triune God that He takes away the sin of mankind judicially and brings us into the New Testament age of grace. He also came as the Spirit for the transformation of God’s redeemed into split able materials for God’s building, God’s house. He is also the ladder, seen first in Genesis 28:11-22, that joins earth to the heavens and the heavens to the earth and is set up as Beth El, God’s house.

Today He continues to “go forth.” He is spreading and going forth to every people, tribe, tongue, and nation. He began spreading from Jerusalem through Europe and to the far reaches of the earth, now in His recovery work He is marching backward toward its starting point and it’s consummation. However, it is easier for Him to move into many cities, to move into Jerusalem than it is for Him to move into the many compartments in our heart. Oh, Lord! “Amen, Lord.” Are sometimes the most difficult words to say!

May we be impressed, with the historical journey of the Triune God, and may we be open to allowing Hm to continue this journey in us to set up this ladder in our spirit so that we would be built into pillars in Gods heart through His making His home in every room of our heart.