The Tabernacle

The burden of the message on the three tabernacles (the type, the reality, and the consummation) centers on the experience of the believers in the tabernacle. The experience of it can be seen by the Psalmist’s experience in Psalm 84. The center of this Psalm is in verse 3:

At Your two altars even the sparrow has found a home;/ And the swallow, a nest for herself,/ Where she may lay her young, /O Jehovah of hosts, my King and my God.

The two altars refer to the bronze altar of burnt offering at the entrance in the outer court and the golden incense altar belonging to the Holy of Holies. These two altars have everything to do with our experience of the tabernacle.

The first altar, the bronze altar of burnt offering, was just inside the outer court. It signifies Christ crucified so that sinners may have an entrance into God’s dwelling place. It is at this altar that all of our problems before God are solved. We are redeemed, justified, reconciled, and accepted by God. It is through the daily experience of this Christ that we have the way to come to God boldly and enter into the Holy Place and the Holy of Holies to enjoy all the riches of God.

The second altar, the golden incense altar, was placed before the veil and belonged to the Holy of Holies. This altar signifies the ascended Christ. The Christ sitting at the right hand of God who today is interceding for us. His intercession gives us a deeper, fresher, richer experience of God. As we experience this Christ, we are daily, hourly, moment by moment, brought into a deeper more intimate fellowship with God until between us and God there is no more separation or distinction.

In Psalm 84:3 this type of experience is typified by the sparrow finding a refuge and the swallow building a nest. Our refuge is the cross of Christ. Our home is God Himself.

May the Lord have mercy on us that we would be able to experience these two altars that we might find our home and rest in God’s house.



Prayer Governs the Universe

I just don’t even know where to start with both of these messages from last night. The Golden Incense Altar, wow, what a piece of furniture and what a marvelous picture of what our experience needs to be. But, I am so far away, I can’t even see clearly what it’s all about…

Oh Lord.

Well, I will start here. There are these verses in the gospel of Matthew about the slave standing before his master and the master saying something like Well, done good and faithful slave, you were faithful in those few things, enter into the joy of your master. These verses have for a long time now been the center of my life with the Lord. I don’t know so much, and can’t do so much, and don’t see so much, but I just pray that what few things I have the Lord would have mercy on me to make me faithful to those things. Last night, I believe another prayer welled up in me.

Let me start with the message. It was concerning the golden incense altar. The golden incense altar signifies the Interceding Christ. Christ who is praying to God so that God can carry out His eternal administration upon the earth. This golden incense altar is actually the executing center of God’s administration. But in order for God’s administration to be carried out on earth, in order for Christ’s prayers to be fulfilled on earth, there is a need for those who would come to the golden incense altar to pray. The cycle begins with the interceding Christ releasing the prayer. We are one with this Christ to receive the prayer and pray these prayers back to God. Christ then adds Himself as the incense to these prayers thereby making them rise up as a sweet fragrance acceptable to God. God then is able to carry them out upon the earth. And the cycle continues. Our prayers are a crucial factor in this cycle!

So, the brother shared a word that just…anyway, he said something like, can you imagine to be before the Lord and hearing Him say to you, “your prayer helped me carry out my administration.”?!?

Whoa. Lord Jesus. Not just a faithful slave, but one whose prayers helped God accomplish what He has been waiting on since eternity past. I just can’t even begin to wrap my puny brain around it, but my heart was so touched and moved within me.

Of course, the second burden of the message came in at this point it can be found in this point:

If we would pray in the tabernacle at the incense altar, we need to be burned to ashes, reduced to nothing.

That’s right, these prayers are not about having a happy marriage. They are not about finding a job, getting a car, or mourning the moral degradation of the world. These prayers are not focused on man’s needs. No, these prayers come from the throne and can only be prayed by those who lovingly, willingly, present themselves to Him and are willing to be terminated and reduced to nothing.

What can I say? What is there to be said? Just, “Lord, I am willing to learn this. I am willing to see this. I am willing to experience this. Do it Lord, gain my cooperation so that I may experience this type of prayer at the golden incense altar.”