Like the Dew

Hosea, we might say is the prophet of the broken heart, but it is to him that the Lord reveals:

I will be like the dew to Israel.

What do we know about the formation of dew? Well, these droplets of refreshing water typically form on nights when wind transports warmer air from higher levels to a cold, low surface.

Israel was in, and even today, continues to pass through a long period of night, sufferings, consumings, just as it is profesied in the minor prophets. Cf. Joel 1:4.

I must confess I feel like this myself. Hurt, pain, disappointments, failures, all have worked to leave my inner being a mess and have left me a cold, low surface. Not just unhappy and dissatisfied but also worthless to the Lord and to His heart and intention and also to the body.

What a deplorable situation. I felt rather hopeless. But our brother Andrew’s speaking last night was a wind transporting the Lord’s warm air to this cold surface. In his speaking I tasted the fresh and refreshing grace of God through God’s compassionate word: Though Israel was a “wife of harlotries” the Lord’s love toward her was unfailing and in His memory she was beautiful.

How is this? He writes through Jeremiah, that He remembers her bridal days when she followed Him in the wilderness (2:2), but if we see the record, we see Israel didn’t exactly follow in such a beautiful, bridal way, but that is His memory. Because of the love with which He sees her, the memory of her is beautiful.

What a sweet, tender word this was to me. Despite my not being a lily, despite my lack of deep and hidden roots, despite my barrenness and lack of splendor and fragrance, the Lord continues to come to me day by day with fresh mercy and grace.

Lord, cause me to receive these tender compassions, cause me to enjoy You as my daily supply of manna in Your word, so that Your life will continue to grow in me and transform me so, like Israel, I would go from being a wife of harlotries to become Your son.