The Oil, The Spirit (1)

Today, I am going to give you a recipe:

1 hin of pure Olive Oil

500 shekels of Myrrh

250 shekels of Cinnamon

250 shekels of Calamus

500 shekels of Cassia

First you take the pure olive oil. This is the pure element of divinity of God. In the beginning there was just God. In Genesis 1:2 of the Spirit of God (the essence of this divinity) was all there was. Well, this is just the start of the recipe.

Then comes the Myrrh. Flowing Myrrh was used in ancient times as a painkiller and often used in burials. The Lord was presented with Myrrh by the wise men. At His death He was offered Myrrh to drink. Thus from childhood through death His life was a life of suffering. In Isaiah we are told that the Lord was a root out of dry ground. This means that He did not find any satisfaction in HIs environment.

After the Myrrh, we have to add the cinnamon. Cinnamon. Cinnamon is a heart stimulant. This means that the precious death of Christ is sweet and effective. It stimulates our heart making us happy and joyful in the Lord.

Then, we will add Calamus. Calamus was a reed that shot up from it’s swampy, marshy growing place. This represents the resurrection of Christ.

Finally, Cassia. Cassia is an insect repellent. The power of Christ’s resurrection repels all the evil “insects” (which of course is Satan) from our being.

This Holy Anointing Oil was compounded and used to anoint all the furnishings in the tabernacle. This anointing separated these items from common usage. Now they were separated and ready to be used in the service of the tabernacle.

In Psalm 133, the anointing oil was poured upon Aaron, the High Priest and upon his beard and garments. To be those doing the work of the tabernacle we need to be those anointed and filled with the Spirit. Then we will experience and enjoy all the aspects in this marvelous recipe of the Spirit. Then as we ┬áremain in the body (signified by Aaron’s garments) we will have the “painting” of the anointing oil, then our service will be to “paint” others with this marvelous spirit.