The Blood of the Covenant

The precious blood of Christ satisfies God, is the believers’ access to God, and overcomes all the accusations of the enemy; (Exo. 12:13; Eph. 2:13; 1 Pet. 1:18-19; Heb. 10:19-20, 22; 9:14; 1 John 1:7, 9; Rev. 12:10-11) we need to go further to see that the Lord’s precious blood is the blood of the covenant.

In Exodus 24:4-8 there are four important matters. The first is the altar. The alter signifies the cross of Christ through which we are redeemed, terminated, and replaced, reconstituted, and rearranged by and with Christ. The second are the Twelve Pillars. Pillars refer to the testimony of the Lord. The two pillars that stood at the entrance of the temple were named Jachin (In him is strength) and Boaz (he will establish). This signifies that God will establish the covenant and it’s strength will be in God. The third thing are the burnt and peace offerings. This is Christ as the only One who is absolute for God and through whom peace will be made between God and man. The fourth is the blood of the covenant.

The blood of the covenant was sprinkled by Moses upon the people. This blood is also that which is sprinkled upon the lid of the Ark on what is known as the expiation cover or the propitiation place. It was here, between the two Cherubim, on the lid of the Ark which held the two tablets of the Ten Commandments within the Holy of Holies, that God came to speak with the High Priest. When the priest entered he must bring with him the blood from the altar to be sprinkled upon the expiation cover or else he would die. Well, the blood, as stated in Matthew 26:28 is the blood of the Lord Jesus who satisfies God’s Righteousness, Holiness, and Glory and gives us access to come forward with boldness to the throne of Grace. Because we can come forward with boldness, we can be those with the highest profession on earth: That have spending time being infused with God so that we may glow with God and shine God into others.

The Lord’s blood is so very precious! His blood has made God our portion. Hymns# 223 stanza 3:

In this portion we have God/ Whom we lost through Adam’s fall;/ By the shedding of Thy blood,/ God becomes our all in all./ In this portion all we have–/ Life and peace, redemption sure;/ All that God has planned and willed,/ In this portion we secure.

Through the blood we enjoy God as our portion and we are ushered into the better things of the New covenant. These better things include all the blessings from the previous message. Included in this are two of my favorite verses in the Bible:

I will also give you a new heart, and a new spirit I will put within you and I will take away the heart of stone out of your flesh, and I will give you a heart of flesh. And I will put My Spirit within you and cause you to walk in My statutes, and My ordinances you shall keep and do.

Lord, do grant me a new spirit and a new heart, a heart that loves You and sees only You.


The New Covenant

In the previous message we saw the five covenants between God and man. Now, in this message we saw the sixth covenant also known as the New Covenant or New Testament. This New Covenant is Christ Himself. What’s the difference between a promise, a covenant, and a testament? Well, a promise is surety that something shall be accomplished in the future. A covenant, is a promise with a legally-binding guarantee. A testament, is a legally-bound contract that bequeathes its contents to whom they have been appointed upon the death of the enactor. Christ Himself is the New Covenant, the contents of the New Covenant, the Enactor of the New Covenant, and the Executor of the New Covenant. Through His death and resurrection He has bequeathed the New Covenant to us. We simply need to receive and enjoy Christ as the covenant through the exercise of the our human spirit. We do this by breathing the Lord in by living a life in which we daily, hourly, and moment by moment call upon the name of the Lord. Oh Lord Jesus!

The New Covenant/New Testament  has four blessings as God’s bequests to us. The first is that God’s laws have been inscribed into our mind and hearts. These laws or law is specifically the Law of the Spirit of Life.

The Triune God has been processed through incarnation, crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension to become the law of the Spirit of life installed into our spirit.

The fact that it is a law means that we don’t need to fight to overcome, we don’t need to war with the law of sin and death in our flesh, it means that there is a realm where there is no sin, no world, no flesh. It means that all victories are unconscious and effortless, spontaneous. Our brother gave a marvelous example. If you are flying from New York to LA you don’t have to put on some running shoes (unless of course you tend to get everywhere late, ha!), run really, really fast, flap your arms, and will yourself into the air and fly to LA. No! How ridiculous. All you have to do is get into the airplane, sit down, put on your seat belt, and ENJOY the ride! Our attempts to overcome, our attempts to be victorious, or even our response, like that of the Children of Israel, to the law of “All that you say we will do” is as ridiculous as that attempt to fly to LA. Forget about it, just get into your the plane of your spirit and enjoy the Law of the Spirit of Life!

The second blessing is that He will be God to us and we will be a people to Him. Where in the world are there a people who hold Him as God? All the world just casts Him aside. But to us, He is God! He is our inheritance. We are His people, His treasure, and His inheritance.

The Third blessing is that we will know the Lord. This knowing is not the outward recognizing (gk ginosko) but it is an inward subjective knowing (gk oida). In our spirit we have our intuition, the inner sense of life allows us to intuitively know the Lord. There are three ways that we may know God. The first is we may know God by His acts or His doings. This is an outward way of knowing God, and we can see that the Children of Israel knew Him in such a shallow way. Then, the second is that we may know God by His ways or His principles. This is on a deeper level and requires a more intimate fellowship with God. Abraham in his intercession for Lot demonstrated this type of knowing. The third and most deepest way we may know God is to know Him by Himself, that is in His life and nature. This is to know God intuitively.

The fourth blessing that God will be propitious to our unrighteousnesses and our sins He will by no means remember anymore. Christ made propitiation for our sins and has reconciled us to God. Through His precious blood He has resolved all of our problems and opened the way for us to enter into the enjoyment of God on a daily and continual basis. Thus, we can enjoy an organic salvation in His life.

What a marvelous testament God has bequeathed to us!

Five Covenants Between God and Man

God made five major covenants with man. The first is regarding the seed of the woman, given to fallen man in Genesis 3:15. The second, was between God and Noah of which the rainbow is a sign. The third was between God and Abraham. The fourth between God and David, and finally the last is the law as a covenant between God and Israel, His chosen people.

In the first covenant, God came to Adam just after the fall with a question: Where are you? This was the beginning of the glad tidings. Even though the Lord had told Adam, if you eat of the tree you shall surely die, the covenant, and gospel message given in Genesis 3 is that the seed of the woman would bruise the head of the serpent. After such a marvelous word, Adam called his counterpart’s name “Eve” which means living. Adam was the first believer! For he believed the gospel message preached to him by God Himself.

In the second covenant, was given to Noah. The rainbow is a marvelous sign that we see in various parts of the scripture. The rainbow signifies the faithful God who will keep His word to HIs chosen people. This rainbow is around God’s throne. It is made up of three primary colors: blue, red, and yellow. The blue (the sapphire), signifies God’s righteousness. The red (the fire), signifies God’s holiness and the yellow (the glowing electrum) signifies God’s glory. These three colors represent what Christ is to us in resurrection, He is our righteousness, sanctification, and redemption. As we enjoy Christ, we become the rainbow. In eternity, the New Jerusalem (who, if you recall, IS NOT A PHYSICAL CITY) has foundations who appearance is a rainbow. The covenant that God enacted with Noah was a promise that the Faithful God would transmit Himself into His chosen people to make them the holy city New Jerusalem as the counterpart of the Lamb.

Saints, we simply need to allow God to fill us with His presence of righteousness by giving Him the full opportunity to work in us as the fire of holiness for His splendor of glory through us.

The third covenant was given to Abraham. God promised Abraham that through his seed all the families of the earth would be blessed. Paul writes that the promise covenanted to Abraham is the Spirit. Thus, the seed of Abraham is the last Adam who became a life-giving Spirit. In this One are all the spiritual blessings and realities.

The fourth covenant was promised to David. The Lord Jesus Christ is both the Root and the Offspring of David. He is the sure mercies shown to David. Through Him as the resurrected seed of David we can enter into the reality of God’s New Testament Economy. Through this covenant, the Triune God is dispensed into His redeemed people. Try to wrap your mind around this:

The resurrected Christ as the life-giving Spirit is the transfigured descendent of David, the seed of David, the seed of the kingdom, dispensed into us to make us the sons of the kingdom, ringing in life to live in the reality of the kingdom so that we may be translated by Him and return with Him in the manifestation of the kingdom as the corporate smiting stone to annihilate the kingdoms of the world and become a great mountain, the kingdom of God that fills the whole earth.

Finally, the fifth covenant was the law decreed on the mountain of God in Exodus. The given was not meant to be a set of guidelines or commandments for man to keep. “Rather, [God’s] intention was to bring His people into His presence so that He could reveal Himself to them and impart Himself to them through His speaking to them.” Since the children of Israel were unable to apprehend God’s intention, He made enacted the covenant so that they would see that the requirements were too high and thus they would never be able to fulfill them. If we look closely we can see what a complete and utter failure they were in their attempts throughout the Old Testament to fulfill God’s commandments and ordinances. (cf. Paul’s experience in Romans which I believe matches our own.) Thus, the law becomes a child-conductor to Christ. If we walk according to our mingled spirit, the law is spontaneously and unconsciously fulfilled in us through the operation of the law of the Spirit of Life.

May these five covenants become our experience.

Five Blessings for His Loving Seekers

Through the function of the Word of God, God’s loving seekers receive five amazing, awesome, astounding blessings: That of light becoming life, that of being watered and of absorbing God, that of inhaling God, that of enjoying God as their portion, and that of enjoying God’s countenance and the shining of His face.

First, light becomes life. Light and life are always in direct proportion to one another. With God there is life and this life shines as light. With us, we receive God shining, God as light and this becomes life in us. This life is our supply. This life keeps us living the God-man living. This life is our joy and salvation. This divine light is the divine life of the Son operating in us. This light is what overcomes all the darkness within and without! In Malachi 4:2 we see that the sun arising with healing in its wings. This is the light becoming our heavenly life supply. The result is that we leap about like well-fed calves. Thus our experience is like the hymn that says: “Therefore with joy shall ye draw water out of the wells of salvation and in that day shall ye say Praise the Lord!”

Second, the Word of God becomes the refreshing water to us. In Revelation we see that on either side of the river of water flowing from the throne is the tree of life. This tree is the life supply in the water. As believers, we are living plants rooted into Christ. Our roots, with all the tender root hairs, absorb the refreshing water and the nourishing life supply. What we absorb is God Himself as our daily life supply. By spending time with the Lord, especially in the mornings, to be revived and refreshed through prayer and the word we receive this divine life supply.

Third, the Holy Spirit is the Holy Pneuma or Holy Breath. God’s word is God breathing out. So when we come to the word with a spirit of prayer, with an open and pure heart, we breathe in God’s exhaling. As Christians, the Word of God is not doctrines or scientific principles, or historical accounts, or psychological theories, the Word of God is God’s very breath, meant to be enjoy by us in spirit.

Fourth, the highest blessing in the entire universe is God Himself. Through the Word of God, God becomes our portion. In 2Corinthians 13:14 Paul blesses the Corinthian believers with the Love of God, the Grace of Christ, and the Fellowship of the Holy Spirit. This is God as the believers’ portion to be enjoyed by them in a real, living, and practical way. This matches the fifth point which is the concordant blessing to the children of Israel in Number 6:24-26. In this blessing we have God’s countenance and shining face. His countenance is the expression of God’s person. You’ve heard the expression, “If looks could kill,” right? It is obvious when someone is displeased or happy with what another is doing. In the same way, when we have God’s countenance, we have an intimate knowledge and experience of God’s will and pleasure. His countenance becomes a salvation to us. Paul writes to the Corinthian believers not to “grieve the Holy Spirit.” The Spirit within us is God’s countenance. We also have God’s shining face. When Moses was on the mountaintop, he was in God’s shining presence. He was thus infused with God’s shining and Moses’ face also shone. When Stephen was being stoned in Acts 6 it states that his face was radiant. Paul tells us that we all with unveiled face must behold and reflect the glory of the Lord. This happens when we have His shining face and we remain under the pleasant, delightful shining of God’s face.

May these five blessings become our daily experience.

Jehovah’s Commanded Blessing

There were fifteen steps leading up to Mt Zion. It was while ascending these fifteen steps that the children of Israel sang the songs of ascent. One step, one Psalm, all the way up to the top. From this beautiful picture we can see four things that need to become our experience as believers.

  1. Our experience is always a corporate experience.
  2. Our experience is an ascending, advancing experience; always going up, up, up.
  3. Our experience is an experience of love, desire, longing, and yearning for Zion. It is a love affair with God’s habitation.
  4. Our experience is a singing experience. (The Church life is a musical!)

Keeping in mind these four matters, we come to the last two songs of ascent, Psalm 133 and 134. In the first, we see a practical, visible  expression of what it is to live the Church life. In the second, we see the blessing, not just the blessing conferred upon Zion, but the blessing from Zion upon all the children of God.

As the saints are living together in oneness in the practical, day-to-day church life, there are two marvelous matters that become their practical experience. The first is the blessing of the all-inclusive, life-giving Spirit typified by the compound ointment running down upon Aaron’s head and flowing to the skirts of his garments. This Spirit is the anointing Spirit, the sealing Spirit, the pledging Spirit, the inscribing Spirit, the ministering Spirit, the liberating Spirit, the transforming Spirit, the renewing Spirit, and the fellowshipping Spirit. It is through and in and by this Spirit that we are one and are in the oneness. This compound Spirit is not for those who are individualistic; He is in and for the Body and for the priestly service that builds up the Body. The second thing is the dew of Hermon descending upon the mountains of Zion. This is the descending, refreshing, watering, and saturating grace of life, which is just the Triune God for our enjoyment. It is because of the all, super-abounding, multiplying, greater, sufficient, varied grace of God that is dispensed into us throughout the New Testament age that the consummates the New Jerusalem. When we see the Lord face to face we will be able to declare: “It was all because of grace.”

In the Church life we are daily anointed and graced; and it is through the anointing Spirit and the supply of grace that it is possible for us to live in oneness in the Church life. Eventually, we are perfected into one.

It is from this peak, from the overcomers upon Mt. Zion that the blessing proceeds to all of God’s people. This is Psalm 134.

Oh Lord. Have mercy on us, dear Lord, that we would be those living in the practical Church life all the days of our life until we reach the peak of Zion!