About (God and me, past to present.)

We all have a story to tell. The one I will tell you today starts many years ago with a young woman in a foreign country. A country already beginning to be enveloped in the throes of a revolution, what would go down in this country’s history as a devastating civil war that left hundreds of thousands of children born into that generation parentless, homeless, hopeless. This young woman, named after Dickens’ characters in Great Expectations, had one desire: a baby, a family, a home of her own. For this desire, she turned to God.

Not to the God of the priests and nuns in whose schools she had spent her youth, but to the God of her mother, the One whom she knew deep inside to be true, the One whom she knew does not reside in temples made by human hands, whose form cannot be likened to that of four-footed animals, or reptiles, nor of man; She, like Hannah, prayed to the God of Israel.

And like Hannah, her request was granted.

In the middle of a bright and sunny April afternoon, a child was born.

She came into a chaotic, revolutionary, war-filled environment; but only experienced it in the first few months of life, for the young woman, her mother, along with her father spirited her away to her homeland. And there she grew up.

She grew up under the ever vigilant eyes of her parents, and always under the all-powerful and caring hand of the God of whom she had been a most welcomed gift. Though His care and presence were well attested for, it was in a limited, non-personal, and distant way. Deep inside, she knew He was real. The universe was proof enough for her, the conviction inside sufficient confirmation, but outwardly things were a little more confusing. An agnostic and a jew brought forth a jewish-catholic who married an agnostic more like atheist who had come from a traditional non-practicing catholic and a dyed-in-the-wool catholic. These two, the jewish-catholic and the agnostic/atheist were raising a very confused jewish-catholic-atheist in the midst of a country of  orthodox jews and fundamental christian protestants.

Into this very confused and confusing mess of religion and tradition, one day a little ray of light shone in, God Himself. The God whose presence had always danced on the fringes of every moment of her life at the designated time and date (a cool, crisp autumn evening in September, in the twelfth year of her life) stepped out from the shadows and into the limelight. He presented Himself  as warmth, comfort, and love. He arrived unexpected, uninvited, and unknown yet fully known for the recognition was there: I know You, and His response: I have known you before the world began.

And as clichéd as it might sound, this was the beginning of a beautiful friendship of love. One not based on the traditions of her forefathers. One not based on the traditions in her surroundings. One not based on natural human concepts of God and good and evil. Yes, all these things came into play especially in the first few years following their initial meeting, but less and less as the years go by.

So it is the story of this on-going friendship between God and me that is the center of Crumbs & Bits. My hope and desire is that through it you may make a new friend, or even increase and deepen your own personal friendship with Him.

Feel free to post your own juicy morsels of your experience with God in the comments.

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  1. Helen Mataki

     /  January 15, 2012

    amen thank you for sharing your testimony, Lord thank you You are always willing to seek us out that we may seek after You. Thank you for Crumbs & Bits I have enjoyed receiving Your enjoyment in the word and ministry. may the Lord cause us all to grow from all those willing to plant and water. Thank you again for sharing the Christ You have received and enjoyed and are reproducing in us. amen


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