Christ Crucified

The last message was on the golden incense altar, the executing center of God’s administration. This message the brother spoke on the altar of burnt offering, the center of God’s operation. They are two pieces of furniture in the tabernacle linked by the anointing, the blood, and the fire. Both altars signify Christ, but in two particular aspects. When in doubt, everything is just Christ. 😉

Well, let’s back track just a bit. God is a journeying God. He began His journey in eternity past in the heavenlies. However, God did not remain there. God was embodied in Christ (the Ark). This Christ tabernacled among men (that is He lived a perfect human life on this earth). He was Emmanuel, God with us. Just like the tabernacle was with the children of Israel. At the end of His human life He went through an exceptionally harrowing and yet marvelous experience. This is signified by the Altar of Burnt Offering.

Every part of the altar presents a picture of this Crucified Christ. The grating, the rings, the poles, I just can’t even begin to put my thoughts into words, but some gleanings:

The grating, the most important part of the altar depicts this mysterious redemption of Christ. Upon this grating the offering was burnt. It wasn’t at the top, but rather inside. This means that God’s judgement reached the innermost parts of Christ. We will never know the extent of the depths of His suffering. HIs greatest agony was not visible to the human eye.

Psalm 22:14-15 gives us a glimpse

I am poured out like water,/ And all my bones are out of joint./ My heart is like wax;/ It is melted within me. My strength is dried up like a shard,/ And my tongue is stuck to my jaws;/ You have put me in the dust of death.

The rings that were one piece with the grating signify the eternal Spirit. That Christ offered Himself through the eternal Spirit means that His death is efficacious from eternity past to eternity future. In Revelation we see that it is the freshly slain lamb (Christ Crucified) that is found worthy to open the scrolls of God’s administration. In the New Jerusalem, the throne is of God and of the Lamb. For eternity, His redemption will stand.

The poles represent the coordinated move in the body through which God’s testimony and redemption can be carried to the four corners of the earth.

Now, back to the Journey of the Triune God.  The story of this journey doesn’t end in death. Actually, this precious death is our new beginning! At the burnt offering altar, we join the journeying God on His journey.

Isaiah 53:6-7, 10-11~ We all like sheep have gone astray;/ Each of us has turned to his own way,/ And Jehovah has caused the iniquity of us all/ To fall on Him. He was oppressed, and it was He who was afflicted…But Jehovah was pleased to crush Him, to afflict Him with grief./ When He makes Himself an offering for sin,/ He will see a see, He will extend His days,/ And the pleasure of Jehovah will prosper in His hand. He will see the fruit of the travail of His soul,/ And He will be satisfied;/ By the knowledge of Him, the righteous One, My Servant, will make the many righteous…

The righteous One will make the many righteous. That isn’t just that our sins are forgiven, it is that we become the reproduction of God. It means that we have the boldness through the blood of the Crucified Christ to go from the outer court, experience the laver, the table of the presence, the lampstand, past the veil, to not just stand in front of the Ark, but to become a part of the Ark through the eating of the hidden manna to be the expression of the Triune God. All of this is possible because of our Crucified Christ.

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