A Tree

The Bible starts out with a Tree (the Tree of Life) and ends with a Tree (the Tree of Life). In between we have very many Trees, the apple tree in Song of songs, the cypress and olive trees in the Prophets, the vine tree in the Gospels among others. Last night in message four we saw another Tree, a marvelous gold tree with almond blossoms and shinning light.

In Exodus 25:31-40, God revealed to Moses the design of the lampstand. Actually, what God gave to Moses was a design of Himself. The pure gold substance of the lampstand denotes God the Father in His divine nature. The form signifies God the Son as the embodiment of the Father and the lamps denote God the Spirit as the seven Spirits of God shinning out God. In Exodus however, there is only half the story, Revelation chapter 1 shows that the one lampstand is now seven lampstands. These seven lampstands are the seven churches. The Church is a perfect reprint, reproduction of the Spirit.  This is the intrinsic significance of the lampstand and the highest peak of the divine revelation. God is reproducing Himself in the Church.

In our subjective experience, the lampstand signifies the God-man living. This is the living of Jesus Christ again on the earth. It is a life that demands a price to gain the fresh, golden oil. In Zechariah there is this picture of the two sons of oil who empty out the oil from themselves to pour into the lampstand. The Christ that we experience and enjoy as we draw near to Him and partake of Him through eating must be wrought into our being and poured out from us. This means that this life is a life of suffering. The lampstand is of beaten work. Christ’s life was a life of suffering. To live a life of suffering is to live a life through the cross and by the Spirit that we may be blended with others that together we may shine forth the light of life. It is a life fully in and through the resurrection life of Christ. Each cup of the lampstand was an almond blossom. Like those upon Aaron’s rod, this signifies the resurrection life of Christ. This life is the fruit of the Spirit and it is the light, the expression of God. To have such a life is to have a living that proclaims, “not I but Christ” and “for to me to live is Christ.” To be such a person, what we need is to be fully open to the Lord for His infusion. Every morning when we come to the Lord, we need to open and pray to the Lord to search out all the chambers of our heart. As He searches and enlightens our being, we are transformed to have the true God-man living.

Finally the organic maintenance of the golden lampstand is Christ’s shepherding us in His heavenly ministry. Psalms 22 speaks of Christ’s death and resurrection, Psalms 24 of His coming back, in between we have Psalms 23: The Lord is my Shepherd. I had never seen this before. Incredible. What links the Lord’s death and resurrection to His return is His shepherding. Today, the Son of Man walks in the midst of the golden lampstands. He is girded with a golden girdle tied about His breast. This means that in His precious, tender, loving humanity, the Lord cares for us. He dresses the lamps to make them proper, that is He cherishes us that we may be happy, pleasant, and comfortable. He trims the wicks, that is He removes all the negative things in our being that prevent us from shinning forth God. He nourishes us with Himself so that we may together be His shinning expression and manifestation upon the earth.

Lord, may You gain this in us.

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