The Ark of the Testimony

Oh man, why are you here on this earth? What a question. This was the question that was posed to me in this message last night. Why are you here on this earth, for you or for the Lord?

In the Old Testament, the children of Israel had one function as they were wandering through the wilderness: They carried around the tabernacle. That was it, traveling around, wanderers. The main item in that tabernacle was the Ark of the Testimony. As we know, the Old Testament is a book of pictures, what is the reality of the Ark? The Ark represents Jesus Christ as the embodiment and presence of the Triune God.

The Ark was made of acacia wood, showing the strong, amazing, beautiful humanity of the Lord. It was overlaid with gold, which signifies the precious, shining divinity of the Lord. Within this Ark were the two tablets of the testimony. The ten commandments (check out my other post if you need a refresher on what those are all about) were a picture of what God is: Love, Light, Holiness, Righteousness. Christ is also the testimony of God, not a picture, but rather a living portrait. Within the Ark there was also Aaron’s rod that budded. This signifies Christ as the resurrection life to carry out a serving life that buds, blossoms, and bears fruit and fulfills God’s purpose. Finally, within the Ark, there was also the manna within the gold pot. This was precious to me. The manna, within the golden pot, within the ark, within the Holy of Holies. What is this?!?

Let’s take a look at this. The Holy of Holies is the deepest place within the tabernacle, where God’s Shekinah glory dwelt. Where is this place today? It is our regenerated human spirit! When we turn to our spirit, we can access the hidden manna, this personal, intimate, portion of Christ that can be assimilated by us to become our life and life supply.

How do we do this you say? Good question. Love. That’s the key. As this hymn states:

What e’er thou lovest, man/ that too become thou must;/ God if thou lovest God,/ Dust, if thou loves dust./ Go out, God will come in;/ Die thou and let Him live;/ Be not and He will be.

I found that the key to this message lay in the word “distance.” There must be no distance between us and the Lord. We must separate ourselves from everything else. When we draw near to the Lord, draw near to this wonderful Christ represented in the Ark of the Testimony, then we can partake of this life and live a life that fulfills God’s purpose. We can be a reproduction of the life that He lived on earth. A life in which there was nothing of Himself (Jn. 5:19), in which He did not do His own work (Jn 14:34, 17:4), in which He did not speak His own word (Jn 14:10, 24), which was not by His own will (Jn 5:30), and in which He did not seek His own glory (Jn 7:18). We must let this same life be our Christian work and service, our Christian life.

This, is the purpose of my Christian life and the reason for which I am here on this earth.

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