Five Covenants Between God and Man

God made five major covenants with man. The first is regarding the seed of the woman, given to fallen man in Genesis 3:15. The second, was between God and Noah of which the rainbow is a sign. The third was between God and Abraham. The fourth between God and David, and finally the last is the law as a covenant between God and Israel, His chosen people.

In the first covenant, God came to Adam just after the fall with a question: Where are you? This was the beginning of the glad tidings. Even though the Lord had told Adam, if you eat of the tree you shall surely die, the covenant, and gospel message given in Genesis 3 is that the seed of the woman would bruise the head of the serpent. After such a marvelous word, Adam called his counterpart’s name “Eve” which means living. Adam was the first believer! For he believed the gospel message preached to him by God Himself.

In the second covenant, was given to Noah. The rainbow is a marvelous sign that we see in various parts of the scripture. The rainbow signifies the faithful God who will keep His word to HIs chosen people. This rainbow is around God’s throne. It is made up of three primary colors: blue, red, and yellow. The blue (the sapphire), signifies God’s righteousness. The red (the fire), signifies God’s holiness and the yellow (the glowing electrum) signifies God’s glory. These three colors represent what Christ is to us in resurrection, He is our righteousness, sanctification, and redemption. As we enjoy Christ, we become the rainbow. In eternity, the New Jerusalem (who, if you recall, IS NOT A PHYSICAL CITY) has foundations who appearance is a rainbow. The covenant that God enacted with Noah was a promise that the Faithful God would transmit Himself into His chosen people to make them the holy city New Jerusalem as the counterpart of the Lamb.

Saints, we simply need to allow God to fill us with His presence of righteousness by giving Him the full opportunity to work in us as the fire of holiness for His splendor of glory through us.

The third covenant was given to Abraham. God promised Abraham that through his seed all the families of the earth would be blessed. Paul writes that the promise covenanted to Abraham is the Spirit. Thus, the seed of Abraham is the last Adam who became a life-giving Spirit. In this One are all the spiritual blessings and realities.

The fourth covenant was promised to David. The Lord Jesus Christ is both the Root and the Offspring of David. He is the sure mercies shown to David. Through Him as the resurrected seed of David we can enter into the reality of God’s New Testament Economy. Through this covenant, the Triune God is dispensed into His redeemed people. Try to wrap your mind around this:

The resurrected Christ as the life-giving Spirit is the transfigured descendent of David, the seed of David, the seed of the kingdom, dispensed into us to make us the sons of the kingdom, ringing in life to live in the reality of the kingdom so that we may be translated by Him and return with Him in the manifestation of the kingdom as the corporate smiting stone to annihilate the kingdoms of the world and become a great mountain, the kingdom of God that fills the whole earth.

Finally, the fifth covenant was the law decreed on the mountain of God in Exodus. The given was not meant to be a set of guidelines or commandments for man to keep. “Rather, [God’s] intention was to bring His people into His presence so that He could reveal Himself to them and impart Himself to them through His speaking to them.” Since the children of Israel were unable to apprehend God’s intention, He made enacted the covenant so that they would see that the requirements were too high and thus they would never be able to fulfill them. If we look closely we can see what a complete and utter failure they were in their attempts throughout the Old Testament to fulfill God’s commandments and ordinances. (cf. Paul’s experience in Romans which I believe matches our own.) Thus, the law becomes a child-conductor to Christ. If we walk according to our mingled spirit, the law is spontaneously and unconsciously fulfilled in us through the operation of the law of the Spirit of Life.

May these five covenants become our experience.

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