God is Light

The first message already covered the matter of the condition of our heart when coming to the law, the Word, the Lord. Message three just burned it into my being. Matthew 5:8  states: Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God. Well, this matter of having a pure heart, a heart fully, wholly, solely focused on God Himself, is of utmost importance. It determines everything. You see, the blessing is that the pure in heart shall SEE God. The nature of God’s expression is light! That means having a pure heart determines whether we receive, have, and walk in God as light.

When we have a pure heart and have our entire being in the realm of light, we have the shining of the divine light. The shining of the divine light makes old things new. This shining becomes truth. Without the shining of the divine light, all things are vain, unreal, insubstantial, and inaccessible. When we come to the Word of God, if we do not come with a proper heart, a pure heart, then the Word will not be light to us, rather it will just be the killing letter. To receive light from God’s Word requires that our heart be pure, our eye single, and that we be open to receiving the light. Do not resist the light! This is God’s operation in us, this is God’s move in us. We need to be a people who welcome God’s light and God’s shining in us.

I must confess that too often I shy away from God’s light. Too often, I am like those spoken of in Isaiah 50:10-11. These ones kindle their own fire and walk by the light of their own firebrands. These firebrands, this human kindled fire are simply light that comes from our own feelings, thoughts, concepts, introspection, etc. This is not genuine light and the end is worse than the beginning for in the end Isaiah states they will “lie down in torment.” Oh Lord! Have mercy on us that we would not be those manufacturing our own spiritual light. Instead grant us the patience that we would be those who trust in Jehovah because it is only in His light that we see light.

If we are loving seekers and have the proper attitude and condition in our heart, than the Word of God becomes a realm of light to us. This means that we not only receive light when we come to the word but we live within an atmosphere of light. This is the difference between having a lamp in a darkened room and living under the sun and an open sky. We should desire and aspire to be those living in the realm of light and not be content with merely receiving light periodically.

So what is the proper attitude and condition with which we must come to the Word in order to live in this realm? We must be of a contrite and trembling spirit. We must be those who can humble ourselves before God having no confidence in ourselves. We need to seek the Lord with all of our heart. We must not allow any hinderances or frustrations to crowd out the Word in our hearts. We must remove the rocks: hidden sins, personal desires, self-seeking, and self-pity. Our eye must be single, having our treasure in one place and with our sight focused on only one thing. And finally, we come full circle, we must have a pure heart, a heart with one single purpose and one single goal that of accomplishing God’s will for God’s glory.

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