Five Blessings for His Loving Seekers

Through the function of the Word of God, God’s loving seekers receive five amazing, awesome, astounding blessings: That of light becoming life, that of being watered and of absorbing God, that of inhaling God, that of enjoying God as their portion, and that of enjoying God’s countenance and the shining of His face.

First, light becomes life. Light and life are always in direct proportion to one another. With God there is life and this life shines as light. With us, we receive God shining, God as light and this becomes life in us. This life is our supply. This life keeps us living the God-man living. This life is our joy and salvation. This divine light is the divine life of the Son operating in us. This light is what overcomes all the darkness within and without! In Malachi 4:2 we see that the sun arising with healing in its wings. This is the light becoming our heavenly life supply. The result is that we leap about like well-fed calves. Thus our experience is like the hymn that says: “Therefore with joy shall ye draw water out of the wells of salvation and in that day shall ye say Praise the Lord!”

Second, the Word of God becomes the refreshing water to us. In Revelation we see that on either side of the river of water flowing from the throne is the tree of life. This tree is the life supply in the water. As believers, we are living plants rooted into Christ. Our roots, with all the tender root hairs, absorb the refreshing water and the nourishing life supply. What we absorb is God Himself as our daily life supply. By spending time with the Lord, especially in the mornings, to be revived and refreshed through prayer and the word we receive this divine life supply.

Third, the Holy Spirit is the Holy Pneuma or Holy Breath. God’s word is God breathing out. So when we come to the word with a spirit of prayer, with an open and pure heart, we breathe in God’s exhaling. As Christians, the Word of God is not doctrines or scientific principles, or historical accounts, or psychological theories, the Word of God is God’s very breath, meant to be enjoy by us in spirit.

Fourth, the highest blessing in the entire universe is God Himself. Through the Word of God, God becomes our portion. In 2Corinthians 13:14 Paul blesses the Corinthian believers with the Love of God, the Grace of Christ, and the Fellowship of the Holy Spirit. This is God as the believers’ portion to be enjoyed by them in a real, living, and practical way. This matches the fifth point which is the concordant blessing to the children of Israel in Number 6:24-26. In this blessing we have God’s countenance and shining face. His countenance is the expression of God’s person. You’ve heard the expression, “If looks could kill,” right? It is obvious when someone is displeased or happy with what another is doing. In the same way, when we have God’s countenance, we have an intimate knowledge and experience of God’s will and pleasure. His countenance becomes a salvation to us. Paul writes to the Corinthian believers not to “grieve the Holy Spirit.” The Spirit within us is God’s countenance. We also have God’s shining face. When Moses was on the mountaintop, he was in God’s shining presence. He was thus infused with God’s shining and Moses’ face also shone. When Stephen was being stoned in Acts 6 it states that his face was radiant. Paul tells us that we all with unveiled face must behold and reflect the glory of the Lord. This happens when we have His shining face and we remain under the pleasant, delightful shining of God’s face.

May these five blessings become our daily experience.

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