The Condition of Your Heart

Close your eyes and picture this:

God upon His throne. Below it an expanse like a paved work of sapphire, clear and beautiful like a heavenly blue summer sky. God sits with a smile upon His face and says to you that you were brought here upon eagles’ wings. That you are His personal treasure. That you are a kingdom of priests and a holy nation. Then, He invites you to gaze upon Him and feast with Him.

Warming scene, eh?

How about this one:

The same throne, but you only know it is there. You are unable to see it through the deep darkness that surrounds you. Out from everywhere, you hear thunder and lightening. Smoke permeates the atmosphere. You see and feel the presence of death and you are gripped by fear and trembling.

Not so warming.

Which scene would you rather be in? These are the two opposing situations that are seen in Exodus 19-24. Both of these scenes surrounded the children of Israel as Moses was given the Ten Commandments, the Ten “Words” of God. Whether we are in the positive scene under the sapphire expanse or in the negative scene, mired in deep darkness depends solely upon the condition of our heart.

Brace yourselves, the Ten Commandments are not a list of do’s and don’ts. They aren’t a measuring rod to determine how great a Christian you are, or how big of a failure. The Ten Commandments reveal who God is and more specifically who God is to us. Through His words, we know who He is and through the Lord Jesus as the unique Word of God, we have access to all that God is. In order for the law to become living to us, we must take care of our heart. We cannot be law-keepers, but must be loving seekers. When our heart is right toward God the law of God exposes, subdues, and guards us on the one hand and ministers and dispenses God into us on the other so that we can partake of God’s riches and become the same as God in life, nature, and expression. Through God’s ministering and dispensing we are able to fulfill God’s desire, that is to have a people as His testimony.

May the Lord have mercy on us that we would be like the Psalmists, those who love God, seek God, dwell with God, behold His beauty, are infused with the riches of God, enjoy the riches of life, are supplied with God to keep His word, treasure the law of God, taste the sweetness of the law, hope in the word of God, and muse upon it. When we become this type of person we are true worshippers of God, those who behold Him and eat and drink with Him.

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