Love, Betrothal, and Marriage

“The subject of the entire Bible, the content of God’s economy, and the secret of the entire universe are the divine romance between God and His chosen and redeemed people.”

The Bible is a romance, God is a courting God, and we must have a responsive, personal, private, intimate, affectionate , deep, tender, all-consuming, loving relationship with the Lord. He must be our unique Beloved. He must have our best and first love. We must be absolutely for Him alone.

The law was God’s engagement covenant with His chosen people. Through His enacting of it, He betrothed us to Himself, separated us from all others.

God loves us not for who we are, or what we do. God simply loves us without reason. What God is seeking are those “crazy,” “blind,” lovers who are willing to simply tell Him, “Lord Jesus, I love You” a thousand times a day.

In a nutshell, that was the message.

Personally, I know I love the Lord. However, I don’t think it is all that much different than how I love my family, or my dog, or to lay around in a hammock under the shade of a mulberry tree on a beautiful sunshiny spring day and read a book.

This message was exposing. God does not seek such blasé lovers. God’s love toward us is real, burning, jealous. He loves us as a Husband loves his wife. Maybe we’ve become too jaded about this as well. Or quite possibly I just don’t understand it, but I was encouraged that I just need to open to the Lord and pray:

“Lord, in these days, rekindle my love for You.”

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