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I. Daniel 9:24-27 is the most precious portion in the book of Daniel; the seventy weeks in these verses are the key to understanding all the prophecies in the Bible–Dan. 7:7, 23-25; 12:7; Rev. 12:14; 13:1; 17:12

This message did not disappoint, it was complex, multifaceted, and to be honest with you (which you know I always am) mind numbing. And, well, I am not a dunce, neither do I cringe away from gathering little nuggets and gems of knowledge that will give me the upper hand in a battle of Bible trivia, but at the moment the ceiling and light fixtures at the training center make more sense to me than the first half of my notes which just look like this:

1. Prophecies reveal Christ. 2. Reveals God’s move on the earth. History-Past move, Prophecy-Future move. 3. Principle: literal interpretation.

1. Rebuilding of the temple. 2. Coming of the Messiah. 3. Seven years at the end of this age. (Tribulation) 4. Antichrist. 5. Millenium (spelling error in original, millennium has two n’s? Should I know that?)

1. The beast, Dan 7, Rev 13. 2. King from the North Dan 11, 8. 3. Continuation of Roman Empire Dan 2. 4. Antichrist Dan 12. 5. Great Tribulation Matt. 24:21. 6. Man-child and the Dragon Rev 12. 7. Seven seals, seven trumpets, and seven bowls Rev 8, 16. 8. Secret rapture and open rapture.

1.Gathering of the Jewish people. 2. Fig tree. 3. Jerusalem trodden under Matt 6:7. 4. Rebuilding of the temple.

The last thirty minutes or so make much more sense, and not only do they make sense, but there was a resonating within my being that I hadn’t felt in a long time. It has to do with one thing, our attitude. Specifically our attitude toward two things, to the age of mystery and to the Lord’s coming.

Within the seventy weeks revealed in Daniel there is a gap of unknown duration known as “the age of mystery.” This gap is not just a way to explain the Lord’s delay, but it is a hidden, secret, mysterious period of time within the physical, outward, human time in which the Lord is doing something that cannot be seen and apprehended physically. All the stuff in my undecipherable notes are physical, literal things available to be seen by all men, but the work the Lord is doing today within His believers has nothing to do with the physical world. Why is this so important? Because we as Christians too often confuse and mix and try to get the two things to fit perfectly together when in reality they are two magnets who cannot coexist in the same realm.

The mustard seed in the book of Matthew grew into a huge tree whereupon the birds of heaven came to roost. This is the church growing roots into the earth and gaining political power and thus losing sight of the fact that we are a heavenly people. We are sojourners on this earth. We shouldn’t be striving and angling for human power. It is not a matter of politics. It is not a matter of getting our earthly human governments to mirror and conform to God’s government. Forget about it! Set your sights somewhere else. Set your eyes on the Lord’s return.

Which brings me to the second part of our attitude. Our attitude regarding the Lord’s coming. From message three and the beginning of this message we can see that the truth of the end times and the Lord’s return has been recovered. If we are diligent, we can enter into this truth, but there is the need for the recovering of the experience of waiting for the Lord’s return.

Waiting. The proper attitude we should have toward the Lord’s return is that of waiting with hopeful expectation. This doesn’t mean we don’t go about our business, of course we go ahead and lead normal human lives, but how is our attitude?

How precious was our brother’s sharing of ME Barber’s attitude. On the last day of the year she prayed with these words to the Lord:

“Lord, there’s no need to wait until next year, there’s still time for You to return this year.” And as she came to a bend in the road she said, “maybe He will be around the corner.”

May we follow in our sister’s shoes and have the attitude that even at 11:59 on December 31, 2012 we would hope and expect that He be just around the corner.

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