Torches of Fire

Until you come to know that the heavens do rule. Daniel 4:26

Maybe we look around us, at the world situation, at the terrible tragedies and calamities that rock the world of men, even at our own frustrating, unhappy situation and we blame God, disrespect Him, avoid Him, ignore Him, or worst of all question Him: What are You doing!?!

Oh Lord, save us! Have mercy on us!

Saints, we need to see a vision of the throne of God as the center of God’s administration. We need to see that in fact the heavens do rule. Then we can live a life safeguarded under the throne and in the Body. Which doesn’t mean that the outward situation will change, but our inner being will change and we will be like the overcoming Daniel, able to pray for and be joined to God’s economy. We will be able to cooperate with the Lord for His move today. We will enter into the realm of God’s economy.

In the realm of God’s economy, the excellent Christ is the centrality and universality. He is the precious and preeminent One and we are His little sprouts, germinated through the resurrection of Christ with the life-giving Spirit.

This was who Daniel was. He was a man with an excellent spirit; one whose life was wholly for God and for His move. Even though we first meet Daniel when he is just a youngster in Babylon, we don’t know much about his life outside of his part in God’s move. Did he marry the wife of his youth? Did he have children, grandchildren, a happily ever after? Maybe he did, but what is recorded for posterity is his relationship to God’s move. This saints is true of all those whose lives we see in the Bible, and this is true for us. What is the meaning of our human life, Christian life? Outside of God’s economy our days are vanity. What matters are the days we live in the divine dispensing.

Oh Lord! What a failure! How easily my heart is drawn away by other things. How easily my environment consumes me.

Child! Lift up your eyes and see the excellent Christ! The precious, preeminent One whose eyes are like torches of fire. The Christ Daniel saw appeared to him in His enlightening sight for searching and judging. Maybe this seems a little scary, torches of fire for searching and judging. Who likes to be burned and judged? I surely don’t because when I look at myself I am found wanting. But what a precious Christ! His judging is not like our introspection; His judging exposes all the dross within us, all that does not match His economy and He burns it away. BUT THAT IS NOT ALL!!! All that He burns away He replaces with Himself.

He exposes, burns, replaces. Exposes, burns, replaces. Exposes, burns, replaces, until one day we can declare:

Whom do I have in heaven but You? And beside You there is nothing I desire on earth.

Our allowing the Lord to do this in us, to give Christ the first place is our giving the Lord our cooperation so that He would gain His Body that becomes the Bride that is the fighting Army, that brings in the image-crushing Stone that becomes the great Mountain to fill the whole earth.

Oh Lord! Do this in us!

And what’s the best part? The privilege to stand before the judgement seat and hear the words:

You enabled me to do whatever I wanted.

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