Study Questions

Message One:

1. What does the book of Daniel reveal concerning the rule of the heavens, and how is God’s heavenly rule related to the divine economy, especially to God’s goal in His economy?

2. What does it mean to enter into the realm of God’s economy, why is it necessary for us in the Lord’s recovery to live in the realm of God’s economy, and what is revealed in Daniel regarding God’s economy, especially concerning the person and work of Christ?

3. Prey-read Daniel 10:5-6, PSRP IV. A. 1-7, and prepare a prophecy in which you present an inspiring view of one aspect of the excellent Christ in Daniel 10 that is especially precious to you.

4. What is God’s intention in His economy regarding the preeminence of Christ, what is necessary for this intention to be carried our, and, according to your contact with the Lord and fellowship with Him in spirit, how will you cooperate with God’s operation under His heavenly rule to give Christ the preeminence in your personal universe?


Message Two:

1. How can we follow Daniel’s pattern to be those who turn the age and be those who are absolutely consecrated to God and separated unto God from an age that follows Satan?

2. How can we follow Daniel’s pattern in joining ourselves to God’s desire through His Word?

3. How can we follow Daniel’s pattern to be men of prayer and self-sacrificing persons with a spirit of martyrdom?


Message Three:

1. How is the vision of the great image a vision of “what will happen in the last days”?

2. In what ways is the vision of the great image the controlling vision in the book of Daniel?

3. What is the significance of the stone cut out without hands, and how does it become a corporate smiting stone to crush the great image and become a great mountain to fill the whole earth?

4. What should our attitude be in the light of this vision?


Message Four:

1. What are the crucial items in the prophesy of Daniel’s seventy weeks?

2. Describe the main characteristics of the age of mystery.

3. Describe the proper attitude toward the end of the this age and Christ’s second coming.

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