Man of Preciousness

Daniel lived at a time when God was moving to turn the age. The age when the children of Israel were to return from their captivity to the land of Immanuel to rebuild the temple and the city.

However, God would not do this alone, He needed someone through whom His divine will could be carried out. Today, like in Daniel’s time, God is moving to change the age. The Body must be built, the Bride prepared, the Army readied. This is not done by building “churches” on every corner or lobbying for the NRA; rather it can only be done through men of preciousness, men fully, wholly, absolutely open to God, joined to God through His word, and separated from the world. Men of prayer, having an excellent spirit, fearing God, honoring God, exalting God, and living under God’s rule in the reality of the kingdom of the heavens.

Daniel was such a man. When the heavenly messenger visited Daniel twice he called him a man of preciousness even telling him that he was preciousness itself. Why was Daniel referred to as such? Daniel was precious to God because he had dispensational value. He was fully under God’s authority, he was a self-sacrificing person with a spirit of martyrdom. With such a person, God could do whatever He wanted.

What an amazing person Daniel was. I have to admit, he and I…well…we may be sprouts from the same Father, but..oh Lord, what I shame I am. Not consecrated, not separated, thankless, unprayerful, closed, rebellious, complicated, and above all selfish and self-centered.

And probably, looking at myself, looking at the standard, I could have given up before bothering to get started if not for roman numeral III in the outline:

Daniel joined himself to God’s desire through God’s Word–Dan. 9:1-4; Deut. 17:18-20; 2 Tim. 3:16-17; Eph. 6:17-18; Psa. 119:11, 24.

To be a man of preciousness, we must be constituted with the One who is Precious. This One, this precious Christ is found in the Word. I absolutely loved the utterance in the outline, the Word is the “condensation of God’s light.” From it we receive the life supply and the divine watering. Through it we are washed, sanctified, renewed, transformed, and conformed to be the duplication of Christ.

Saints, forget everything else, just muse (taste and enjoy through careful considering) upon the Word. Exercise to pray over and with God’s Word to receive the life to be made into preciousness itself.

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