No, Never, None, Not, Always, Every, Entirely, Only, Just, All, Must.

Absolute words. Black-White words that allow for no exceptions, no gray, middle area. I have to tell you, I like those words. I like them because they are clear, honest, straightforward. I guess, well…I have to admit it, I am a person of extremes.

I am beginning to realize it seems to be human nature. We grab on to one idea, one concept, one belief and it seems from then on we have blinders on and it takes the shattering of heaven and earth (or at least our own world) before we are willing to concede that, jeez, maybe there’s another side to the story.

Everything around us, however, is balanced. Look at your body, it is balanced, is it not? Can you imagine what life would be like if we were beings with only one eye, one nostril, one row of teeth, one arm, one leg? Maybe we’d have evolved differently, so maybe it’d be alright, but seriously, life is much better when it is balanced, work/play, awake/sleep, day/night, etc.

Well, let me get to the point. It comes from message 3 of the Conclusion of New Testament. God is a balanced God. Many Bible extremists take certain ideas or concepts from the Bible and become like a crash of rhinos trampling not only mankind but also the truths within the word of God and even God Himself. Naysayers will sometimes point out contradictions in the word to attempt to negate its validity and authority. But, the Bible and God is properly balanced even in His person.

What do I mean? God is Triune. Meaning God is both three and one, one and three. This is a prevailing truth within the Bible. It has happened throughout the ages and continues to happen today that either truth can be pushed too far. We however, need to be balanced Christians, holding to the truth of the Bible in simplicity and humility whether or not something makes sense conceptually. God is One. God is also three. God is Triune.

So, why? God is not Triune so that we could understand Him and enter into theological debates, God is Triune so that we can enjoy Him. God is Triune for the divine dispensing.

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  1. The Triune God Flowing to Us (http://newjerusalem12.wordpress.com/2012/12/15/the-triune-god-flowing-to-us/) has some excerpts that match the last paragraph.


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