It’s a matter of dispensing

It is the number one most read book in the world. It has been translated into just about every imaginable language. It has been read throughout the ages by those barely literate, by great kings and queens, and by the scholarly. It has been read by millions of people from all walks of life, all faiths, and all manner of opinions, thoughts, and agendas. People have misquoted it, misapplied it, and quoted it out of context. People have cut it up into parts, broken it down into layman terms, dissected it, and argued over it until they are blue in the face.

Well, tell me, it may be debatably the greatest book ever written but it is a book nonetheless, so, what is the whole point of it? What is its main subject and what is the main story line? We may not know or agree on the Author or the authors, but it has been put together and there must be an order to its madness.

So, this morning I read Message One of the The Conclusion of the New Testament and it was all so very clear to me, it’s a matter of dispensing.

First God created man, a vessel, a being in His image and likeness with thoughts and feelings and emotions, with needs and wants and the desire for fulfillment and above all a desire for life, to live. This vessel was placed in front of the tree of life and told to eat.

And things happened, God was thwarted, man was foiled, but all the seeds were sown and if you have ever seen those tiny weeds breaking through the concrete sidewalks you know, life may be thwarted but in the end it finds a way to break through all the barriers.

God’s all-conquering, barrier-breaker is Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is just God Himself incarnated to be a man not to redeem us and then attempt to make us good people and one day take us to heaven to play on harps. But He is God incarnated to be a man, live on the earth, be crucified, die, resurrect, ascend, and descend for dispensing.

God’s desire has been and continues to be to dispense His life into man for the mutual fulfillment of God and man. It’s there, in The Book. Open your mind, open your heart, read it! And you will see that only in God can you find life and only through God’s life can your life find its fulfillment.

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  1. In John 10 Jesus said, “I have come that they may have life and may have it abundantly.” What is this? It’s a matter of dispensing. The life is Jesus, and Jesus is the embodiment of God, so when we receive life, God is dispensed into us.


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