Death, Sterilized. Earth, Shaken. Devil Destroyed.

The sign of Jonah is the greatest miracle in the universe. It is the gospel, the good news to all the people of every tribe and tongue and nation. It is the revealing of God’s heart for His entire creation. It is the announcing of Christ’s death sterilizing, nullifying, abolishing crucifixion. It is the declaration that the seed of the woman has crushed the head of the serpent. That the rulers and authorities in the heaven lies have been triumphed over. it is the declaration that the base of Satan’s rebellion has been shaken, the strongholds of his kingdom broken and the power of death and Hades has been conquered and subdued.
It is to exult and praise and proclaim God’s victory in Christ. It is to proclaim that the resurrected Christ is the living One. He is living forever and ever! Proclaim that He has the keys of death and of Hades and that today we are no longer subject to death and Hades.

Where oh death is your sting? Where your victory?

Hallelujah Christ has triumphed! Christ is victor!

Today, Christ as the greater Jonah is announcing the gospel of peace to all people’s. We, being one with our wonderful Jonah must grasp every opportunity to tell to all of God’s victory through Christ’s incarnation, death, burial, and resurrection.

Speaking of grasping opportunities…
You are needed for the bible distribution in London during the Olympics! Check out for more info.
And for free electronic copies of the seven Rhema books, go to (available in a slew of languages)

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