The Earth Recovered


The earth is Jehovah’s, and its fullness,/ The habitable land and those who dwell in it.~Psa. 24:1

Despite this fact, the practical reality is quite the opposite. Instead of belonging to the Lord, lawlessness, unrighteousness, and rebellion reign supreme. The task of reigning over the earth on God’s behalf was given to man, but shortly after being entrusted with this charge, man fell and continues to fall short of God’s glory.

Christ’s first coming solved all our personal problems before God. He took care of sin and sins through His death on the cross. Today we have access to the tree of life, we have access unto the Father, we have the right and the responsibility to fulfill God’s original intention.

Still, today, the earth with humanity has seven unsolvable problems:

  1. Ecological problems.
  2. Territorial problems.
  3. Racial problems.
  4. Political problems.
  5. Economical problems.
  6. Social justice problems.
  7. Criminal problems and problems with violence.

It is in Christ’s second coming that all man’s and the earth problems will be solved. The Lord Jesus has made a promise: “I shall return!”


Saints, what needs to happen for this to be fulfilled?  The church needs to be the reality of the kingdom today and through the church the kingdom needs to be ushered in. For this, Saints! We need to pray!

The Lord Jesus, the King, taught us to pray, saying, “Your kingdom come; Your will be done, as in heaven, so also on the earth” Matt. 6:10.

As those living under the heavenly ruling, we need to be those praying to cooperate with the Lord to bring His kingdom to the earth. This is our responsibility. It is with this that we have been entrusted. God’s original intention with Adam was that he would be His expression and representation. This is God’s ultimate goal, the recovery of the whole earth to be under the reign of Christ with the kingdom.

Lord Jesus. Dear Lord, gain what You are after. Lord, we desire that You would have what is on Your heart. Oh Lord Your house! Oh Lord, Your kingdom! Come to reign in us! And Lord we open to allow you full reign in us that through us You would reign over the entire earth. Recovered the earth, dear Lord! May Your word be established, that the earth is Yours and the fullness thereof. Lord, hasten the day when we can shout with rejoicing: “Jehovah reigns!” Oh, come Lord Jesus!

ps. Be encouraged saints, God works in three stages:

  • impossible
  • difficult
  • DONE.
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