Eternal and Unchanging

Psalm 102 unveils Christ’s death and His eternal unchanging existence in His resurrection. Christ Himself is the resurrection and through His death and resurrection He produces the Church. Because the Church has come out of the resurrection life of Christ, the Church is an entity altogether in resurrection, it is resurrectionly, its very essence is resurrection.

Though these are only a few sentences, they are so packed with meaning, the depths of which are not so easy to search out. But the Lord is so very amazing, He, as the Lord Spirit has so many unique ways to work in each one of us, and because of this our brother asked one question at the beginning of this message:

Are you willing and ready to be touched by the Lord Spirit in your natural being?

Of course, our response, after the amen, might be to inquire, how would the Lord Spirit touch us? Our brother therefore gave us 17 points of possible application:

1. We would be touched by the Lord Spirit in our natural being to be helped to know Christ Himself as the resurrected One. (Phil. 3:10)

2. We would be touched by the Lord Spirit in our natural being to know the Church as an organic entity in the resurrection life of Christ.

3. We would be touched by the Lord Spirit to be willing to experience the cross as in Song of Songs chapter 2. We would be led out of our introspection, out of our self examination and brought to the cleft of the rock to abide in the crucified Christ.

4. We would be touched by the Lord Spirit to aspire to know the power of Christ’s resurrection.

5. We would be touched by the Lord Spirit to advance in the divine romance. We would not continue in our juvenile, undeveloped love, stranded in the first chapter of Song of Songs, but we would advance deeply until we become the Shulamite.

6. We would be touched by the Lord Spirit to participate in the fellowship of Christ’s sufferings and make up what is lacking in the afflictions of Christ. Saints, if no one participates in this, the building up of the body will be delayed!

7. We would be touched by the Lord Spirit  in our natural ability and strength.

8. We would be touched by the Lord Spirit to serve in the Church, in the ministry, and in the work through the principle of death and resurrection.

9. We would be touched by the Lord Spirit to have the longing to experience the out-resurrection from the dead. We would experience the gradual resurrection of our entire being. As our days in our human life are declining we would be those whose inner being is thriving in resurrection.

10. We would be touched by the Lord Spirit that we would be those who by the God of resurrection, the God of all comfort we may comfort those in affliction with the comfort with which we ourselves have been comforted.

11. We would be touched by the Lord Spirit so that our prayer would be in resurrection. Our prayer would be the incense with the frankincense. Saints, natural prayer inhibits the release of the resurrection power. May we, in this coming year, endeavor to touch the hem of His garment. We would pray, “I must touch, Lord, the hem of the garment of the resurrected Christ!”

12. We would be touched by the Lord Spirit to be a living testimony of the resurrected Christ, not preachers or teachers, but living testimonies.

13. We all, but even more some of the leading ones among us, would be touched by the Lord Spirit to be those with the budding rod in our God appointed ministry that would make us the representatives of the Lord.

14. We would be touched by the Lord Spirit to be those trained to detect the attack of death upon the Church. Those trained to defeat it. Today this is the ultimate war: the gates of Hades and the resurrection life. Praise the Lord that Satan’s power ends at death, but the Church, the body of Christ is in resurrection.

15. We would be touched by the Lord Spirit that He would produce in us ministry in resurrection. We need some to be produced as beings in resurrection that the ministry would be continued in resurrection. This is not a matter of gift; if in the Lord’s recovery, we only have gifted brothers, we are finished.

16. We would be touched by the Lord Spirit to be those who consecrate ourselves out of an aspiration to be useful to the Lord in His ministry.

17. We would be touched by the Lord Spirit to live in the reality of the body of Christ. There is only one lesson we need to learn: to be in resurrection for the body of Christ.

Saints, Christ is resurrection, He is in resurrection. Resurrection is the focus of the entire bible. From the land rising from the depths on the third day, to the city of resurrection life, the New Jesrusalem. Resurrection is God’s goal for YOU! Cease trying to stop Him.

Resurrection is total termination and the emergence in newness of life. That resurrected person, matter, or thing is beyond all manner of death, it is transcendent!

There is a crucial point that we all must come to see, that in this world, NOTHING LASTS. No experience lasts. No situation lasts. Nations do not last. Great empires, though seemingly invincible, didn’t last. No relationship lasts. Marriage, however sweet, desireable, and God-ordained is temporal and when death closes ones eyes it is over, but in the midst of the temporal something eternal happens and this is something altogether in resurrection.

I repeat, Christ is resurrection. The Church, produced through Christ’s death and resurrection, is therefore an entity absolutely in resurrection. The entire bible is focused on resurrection and resurrection is God’s goal for us.

Saints, will you take this way? Will you set your course to resurrection? Will you allow the Lord to show you that everything in the old creation needs to be terminated? Will you treasure more the new creation than the old? Will you open your being to the Lord and pray:

“Lord, I long to know this resurrection life. Lord, give me the experiences I need to know resurrection life.”

Oh, Lord Jesus. Amen dear, Lord. Do this in us.

Death cannot hold the resurrection life,/The life of God eternal manifest;/ ’Tis uncreated, indestructible,/ ’Tis Christ Himself, unconqu’rable, expressed/ Death cannot hold the resurrection life,/Though all its force against it may combine;/ Death only gives it opportunity/ To show the boundless pow’r of life divine.// Death cannot hold the resurrection life,/ The more interred, the more it multiplies;/ All kinds of suff’ring only help it grow/ And fruits of life abundant realize.//Death cannot hold the resurrection life./ Thru every block and barrier it breaks;/ Conqu’ring the pow’r of darkness and of hell,/ It swallows death and victory partakes.// Death cannot hold the resurrection life,/ All of God’s fullness it will manifest;/ God’s righteousness and holiness it yields,/ His glorious image by it is expressed.// Oh, may I know this resurrection life,/ In every kind of death its pow’r outpoured,/ In my experience ever realize/ This life is nought but Christ my living Lord. (Hymns #639)

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