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Banners for the training:

Whenever God’s people exalt Christ, giving Him the preeminence in every aspect of their living, there is restoration and revival.

To take God as our habitation, our eternal dwelling place, is the highest and fullest experience of God.

God’s heart is set on Zion, the city of God, with Christ within it, and on Zion we have the church as the Body of Christ and God’s economy for His testimony.

The praise in the Psalms issues in the consummate praise with Hallelujahs because the earth has been fully recovered by God and brought under the reign of Christ with the Kingdom.

Study Questions:

Message One:

1. What are the twelve ways we can give the Lord the preeminence, the first place in everything?

2. What is the sanctuary of God, and what was the revelation given to the psalmist in the sanctuary?

3. How does Psalm 80 reveal that restoration comes by exalting Christ?

Message Two:

1. Explain the significance of the tabernacle being the incarnated Triune God in Christ for the believers’ enjoyment.

2. Show how the two altars signify the two leading consummations of the work of the incarnated Triune God, and explain how these two altars lead the seekers to be incorporated into the Triune God for His manifestation.

3. What is the significance of the highways to Zion, and how should we take these highways to reach Zion?

4. Why do the highways to Zion have to pass through the valley of Baca (weeping), and how is this valley turned into a spring?

Message Three:

1. What is the deep desire of God’s heart, and how should we view our experience of salvation?

2. What is the rich significance of “His foundation is in the holy mountains”?

3. How do the overcomers cooperate with the Lord for the building up of Zion?

4. What does it mean that none can compare with Zion related to who was born there?

Message Four:

1. What is the significance of “dwelling in God”? As ones who dwellin God, what should our attitude be toward ourselves and the environment around us?

2. According to Psalm 91, present the revelation of our identification with Christ in His taking God as His dwelling Place.

3. Explain how our abiding in Christ is to live in the reality of the universal incorporation of the processed and consummated Triune God with the redeemed and regenerated beleivers.

4. According to Psalm 92, what are the issues of the deeper experience of God in the saints’ identification with Christ in taking God as their dwelling place?

Message Five:

1. In what does Psalm 102:7 speak of Christ’s sufferings, and how is this verse related to the Lord’s zeal for God’s house and to Matthew 14:23 and Luke 6:12?

2. Trace the line concerning resurrection in the New Testament from the Gospels through Revelation, showing how resurrection is the life pulse of God’s economy.

3. Speak a word of prophesy that unveils Christ as the One who is everlasting in His resurrection.

4. What does it mean to say that the nature of the church is resurrection and that in, by, and through Christ’s resurrection the church continues its existence and is the same as the resurrected Christ in life and power?

Message Six:

1. What is the significance of God making Christ to sit as His right hand in ascension?

2. How can we cooperate with Christ’s heavenly ministry in the day of His warfare?

3. What is the revelation and experience of Christ being a Priest, a Warrior, a Victor, and a Drinker (the Coming One)?

Message Seven:

1. Show how Ephesians 2 demonstrates how Christ as the cornerstone is the centrality of God’s move.

2. Using Acts 4:10-12 and 1 Peter 2:4-7, show how Christ as the cornerstone is related to all aspects of our salvation.

3. Show the significance of the cornerstone in the book of Matthew.

Message Eight:

1. How is Christ the reality of the law?

2. What are the two aspects of the law and the two aspects of the function of the law?

3. What are the two kinds of people in relation to the law?

4. What is the attitude of God’s loving seekers toward God’s law as His living word?

Message Nine:

1. According to the vision presented in the message, what is the spiritual significance of Zion?

2. What kind of prayer can enable us, in our personal life and in the church life, to reach the high peak of Zion?

3. Summarize what was spoken in the message concerning the overcomers.

Message Ten:

1. Show how Psalm 133 is equivalent to Ephesians 4.

2. Describe the “inestimable goodness of the precious ointment.”

3. Describe the “incalculable pleasantness of the dew of Hermon.”

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